How to Choose Tiles Design for Room in India- For Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Area

There was a time peoples used only the cement pinning in the floors. Then tiles replaces all the things to looks better and with lot of peoples choices. In this blog, we have outlined the idea of tiles design for room and how to choose the best. You’ll also know the Prices and labor cost for installing in room. We’ll also explain Tiles Design Cost for 10 by 10 Room Including everything (Material and labor cost). 

How to choose Best tiles for floors

Tiles Design for Room
Tiles Design for Room

Do You only see the designs but are you sure to check the designs only and not the strength and their durability Here we will discuss important points to check before choosing the good quality tiles for your House. 

There are two kinds of tiles for rooms that are Mainly  available in the market. one is Ceramic and Porcelain tile. But, Now there are wide segment of tiles are available to choose according the the peoples mood and emotions attached with the house they’ll about to live. 

How to Choose wall Tiles

It is recommended that Glossy tiles are suitable for wall as they are scratch-free, Solid, durable, moisture resistant and can be clean easily. Bette than ceramic tile as these tiles are less porous. apart from this, Read below the which tiles to choose for your house. 


Vitrified tiles

When it comes to selecting Tiles design for room, Vitrified tiles are strong, dense and affordable.  That’s why these can be used in the high traffic areas of room. These are consider to be long lasting without any problems of cracks and strain.  Mostly these are recommended  in kitchen and Bathroom. Weatherproofing nature makes it hard and durable for use in Indoor as well as outdoor areas of house.  


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made with Clay, water and other inorganic materials. Passes through kiln in high temperature makes it harder at and then coated with different kind of glaze to look beautiful. These are easily available in the market because of low cost. Ceramic tiles are durable and affordable.

DisadvantageThese tiles are get cracks soon that’s why these are not used for the high traffic areas.



The second thing that you look to choose for the tiles for your house is the finishing looks. 

In the market, you’ll see glossy and Matt finished tiles. Which will be good for your house?



These tiles give an attractive look and finish like a mirror. Very Shiny light reflection and your room looks brighter and spacious. 

a) Uses 

In the hole area of your house so that it will look spacious, brighter and gorgeous.  

b) Not recommended in

bedroom and kitchen room

c) Disadvantage

The disadvantage of vitrified tiles is that you can slip on this kind of surface as the tiles are very smooth.

Matt finish tiles

These are slip resistant, non reflective surfaces and no Stains appear quickly.

So that there is no need to clean again and again. That’s why these tiles are known as best for the house owner.


kitchen and bedroom. Lots of designs are available in the market. You can choose one for better looking.



The third important thing is to select the design. There are a lot of designs available in the market but you have to choose the best for your choice. In the nearby market  there will be different pattern of tiles you’ll find such as

  • Wooden designs
  • Marvel designs
  • Plain white

Note -1

If your room is small and you want it to look bigger,  you can choose bright color glossy finish tiles in which some straight line designs are imprinted.

Note- 2

Avoid these glossy tiles in living room because it create effects such that your rooms area will look small

Note 3 

In the bathroom you can install anti-Skid tiles of size 2 X 2 or  and 2 X4 size.


Tiles Design Cost for 10 by 10 Room

Here is an example, we will take a room which is 10 x 10. we will calculate it and know how much it will cost and what materials will be used and what will be the cost of materials and what will be the labor cost. It will be very beneficial for the room of your house, which will save you a lot of money.

Room Size = 10 X 10 = 100 Sq.ft

Skirting- 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40 Running ft

Labor fitting is in between 14 to 15 rupees per square feet.

Labor Cost room  = 100 X 14 = 1400 Rupees

Labor Cost skirting area= 40 X 13 = 520 Rupees

  • Cement bag 2.5 bags  X 400 = 1000 Rupees
  • Sand Cost = 1000 Rupees
  • Transportation = 500 /-
  • White Cement- 60 /-


If you put square feet tiles at ₹ 40, then its total price will be 4000 Rupees, which will be complete in the size of the room.

If we see the tiles that will be used in skirting, then its price will be within 8 * 40 = 320 /-.

We took out the cost of a 10*10 room. If we add all the costs then it becomes ₹ 8790. If you want to find out one room tile cost which is of different square feet then what will we have to do?

8790/100 will have to be done which will come at 87.90 rupees square feet.

In this way you can calculate according to the size of your room that how much rupees it will cost in your room for total laying of tiles.

Can you calculate  If the size of your room is 12 X 12 then how much will it cost you.  Please comment on the message section.


Let’s calculate this- 

Total room size 12 X 12 = 144 Sq.ft

Total cost = 144 X 88 = 12672 Rupees.

The price of tiles depends on what quality of tiles you want. And it also depends on how your choice is. If you have seen, the tiles which are available in your market will be available for 40 to 90 rupees per square feet.


Kajaria tiles for bedroom kitchen

Kajaria Tiles design for room are the all time best selection for Indian people. Bergamo sign teak-These are good finishing, best quality and available in reasonable range. these digital ceramic floor tiles can be used in bedroom and kitchen areas. 


How to select Tile for Living room

For Bedroom

Found in 2 X 4 kajaria tiles for the bedroom in two pieces it covers 1.4 for square metre and in one packet there are 2 pieces of tiles which are good for drawing rooms and bedrooms.

Available in the market for 60 rupees per foot.

2 piece of packet = (950 /- Rupees)


How to Choose floor Tiles Color

The Selection of Floor Tiles colors based on the mood and the feeling of attachment with the particular location of house. Like  for the living spaces use white colors tiles which denotes the purity and sense of lights of your life. For the Bedroom, use light pink color which denotes the romance and silence mood. 

For Kitchen floor or walls, use the Light yellow color which denotes the fun and excitement when someone enter the kitchen in the mood of cooking delicious food. Pink denotes romance, yellow indicates energy, and blue is a soothing color that conveys calmness. There are other colors with different moods set up.


 Floor Tiles Color size and Cost

Castor kitchen Kajaria tiles available in 1 X 1.5 feet. In a packet there are 6 pieces of tiles and the price of the packet is 380 available in lining patterns or tea pot designs imprinted. It covers 9 feet and you’ll get it for 43 rupees per square feet. 


How to Choose Tiles for Bathroom

Porcelain tiles are fired at very high temperatures, that’s why these are very hard. These are less porous, more durable and absorb less water. 

The Porcelain tiles are Durable, stronger, anti-skidding that make it a best selection for the millions of peoples.  

Corel copper 300mm X 300 mm size kajaria tiles. Good for toilet floors and the small sizes 1′ X 1′ provide better solo for the toilet floorings. In one box,  there are 10 tiles which cost 550 rupees.

10 feet of materials available in one packet and one feet price is 55 rupees per feet. 


Best Tiles companies for Tiles design for room

When you are looking for Tiles design for room,  you must know some company of tiles manufacturer. Obviously, the prices may be higher for these companies but choice would be better.

1. Nitcon Tiles

2. Somany Company Tiles

3. Johnson Tiles


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