Best Books for Civil Engineering Competitive Exams- IES/SSC JE/GATE and Other Exams

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After I realize the importance of books. Books help in every moment of the study. Here I’ll Explore the subject-wise Best Books for Civil Engineering Competitive Exams.

While doing the SSC JE or State Engineering Preparation, along with the notes, books help to clear the concepts. nowadays most of the Examinations are asking for Books. Recently JSSC JE Exam was Held and most of the questions were from the Books. Even they were not following the previous year’s pattern.

SSC JE & Other Exam Over View

SSC JE and Even Other Exams are two-tier exams. The 1st Exam is CBT Objective base.

For the last 5 years, The SSC JE/ State AE exams have been prepared questions not based on previous papers.  Earlier Gupta & Gupta’s objective book was good to enhance knowledge in your theoretical part and Numerical part. But, The days have gone for just value putting on simple formula-based questions.

To clear the Prelims exam, you should go through your coaching notes or follow the Previous year’s question sets. 10 years of previous papers on SSC JE Civil is a must to go through to have comprehensive ideas for Clearing it.

Important subjects for conventional are –

  • Soil mechanics (Retaining wall, properties of soil, and effective stress)
  • RCC ( Beams, columns, slabs, and footings)
  • Steel Structure ( Rivets, Bolts and welds, compression members)
  • Irrigation Engineering

From 2024, The conventional exam will also be Objective type and CBT Mode. Now SSC is asking the question a little bit conceptual. Even they are asking questions from ESE previous year papers so now it becomes slightly hard from previous trends so you have to solve 3 to 4 years questions of ESE and Gate too.

Now, I’ll portray Pictures of Books on each subject that are good for Civil Engineering Exam Preparation.

Fluid Mechanics


There are varieties of books on Fluid Mechanics. The different books have the theory part as well as the numerical part. R.K. Bansal’s book is good for Practice questions in Detail. The Other two are Foreign Authors and good for the Theory approach.

Topics are in full details, Subjects full concept, Easy to understand and very helpful  mechanicsCivil  though thisnica. Even, This book is good forr preparation of Gate apracticelots of practise questions from moderate levele level are given.

GEOTECH-Engineering/Soil Mechanics

soil mechanics


K. R Arora and Gopal Rnajan both books are best to prepare for the competitive Exams. I had a good experience with Gopal Ranjan in my College Days.

If you’re preparing for the GATE Exams, Gopal Ranjan is the Best to Purchase. Even suggestions from your teachers about which book to pick will be an additional point for you.

Soil Mechanics and Foundation By  B.C Puniamia is also a great book for a wide knowledge of Geotechnical Engineering.

Environment Engineering

Environment Engineering

The S. K Garg Books are at the top of any writer. You can find these book’s PDF Easily on the Internet, but it is mandatory to read through the Physical copy only. For the ESE, st,ate PSC or SSC JE Preparation, Hardly any question will be asked outside thisIIt is

Must to read and very forod for reference book Waterw water Engineering. There are lot of questions each topic as well as chapter bise covered in this book.


Most of the students Buy B. C Punmia for semester exams but it will also helpful during your GATE, SSC JE/AE Preparation.  This book is suggested for conventional as well as objective type preparation.

Concepts are given with the figures That will helpful for you to understand the same. This book summarize  both the theory and practice of surveying that are most commonly used by Civil Engineers. This book Has a lot of information and detailed descriptionss about Surveying and is easy to understand.

In S. K Duggal the concepts are given in more detail. S. K Duggal is the best for clearing the Semester Exams and Topics are explained beautifully along with their examples.

Transportation Engineering

Hoghway Engineering

Khanna & Justo is great and best for Transportation Engineering with a Total page of 763. All syllabi of highway engineering have been covered and this book contains complete knowledge of highways.

The book is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics related to highway engineering- including

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Different types of pavements
  • Drainage systems
  • Traffic management systems.

Great resource for both students and professionals in the Transportation Engineering field. The illustrations and diagrams are well-defined and help to further clarify the concepts presented in the text.

This Book provides a both the theory and practical applications. It provides real-world examples of the principles of highway engineering and also gives real-world examples and case studies to help readers understand how these principles are applied in the field. It also provides a detailed explanation of the design of

Steel Structures


Steel design is one of the most tough subject for a Civil Engineer, but this book makes it easier to a great extent.

Limit State Design Of Steel Structures By S. K Duggal is really good for all the top exams of civil engineering like ESE, GATE, PSU,  SSC JE, RRB JE, and State AE/JE exams.

Important points are written separately by giving notes, and lots of examples are provided and very helpful for Semester exams


If you opt for this book, you don’t have to purchase any other book. Complete details are given in this. Every Civil Engineering student Knows this well.

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

For Enhancing the Conceptual Understanding And Problem- R. C Hibbeler is a singly-handed book for Engineering Mechanics Preparation. The new edition included the Solving Skills Pearson that brings the idea of instantly solving the questions of Competitive Exams.


Strength of Material (S O M)

Civil Engineering Books

Strength of material by R. K Bansal

“A TEXTBOOK OF STRENGTH OF MATERIALS” By R. K Bansal is the best book. It is a very good book with all topics with more examples and the explanation is very good. It is basically helpful for those students who wants fundamental knowledge about SOM. basics reference for M.Tech students and Researchers. 

Strength Of Materials by B. C Punima is the best in Market. All the concept are explained briefly and every chapter have huge numerous examples.

Another book S. Ramamrutham has lot of Content inside. The other two books are also very good.

Building Material and Construction (B M C)

Building Construction

B. C. Punia will help you in all your semester exams.  Written in simple language very, easy to read and understand with illustrative explanation. You’ll find almost ethe very topic of the syllabus with images brief. This book is consider as usefull book for every engineering & architecture students. Data has been presented in paragraph format and bullet forms which is better for students for competitive exams.

Rangwala is the best book for BMC and it covers all the topics in appropriate manner with good understandable language. The language is simpler Every Civil Engineering student should buy this one .

Hydrology & Irrigation

K Subramanya and S . K Garg’s Books are best to read and in-depth knowledge of Engineering Hydrology. Most of the State AE/JE Exams pick the question from these two books.

K subramaya is very easy to read and understand. An ample number of solved examples with proper steps and Questions are marked by stars to show difficulty. Really helpful for GATE, ESE, State AE/JE preparation.

Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)

For Reinforced Cement Concrete RCC, Both the Books are Extremely Good But Pillai and Menon will be the best choice. For the Semester Exam in College, S. Ramamrutham is Preferred by professors.


Theory Of Structure

S. Ramamrutham and R. Narayanan’s Book is good to have in your hand for the SSC JE/AE Preparation. It Comes with 1272 pages and a Collection of example problems (90 to 100 for a single topic).

Concepts are given crisply. Best Choice for the ESE and CSE aspirants as in this Exam, Aspirants have to cover the more details theory as well the numericals.

OPEN Channel Flow

Best Books for Civil Engineering Competitive Exams

In all Indian Universities and colleges, This is the Evergreen book for all the Civil Engineers.

This is Preferred by undergraduate and postgraduate students of Civil Engineering along with practicing Engineers.

High-quality content, well-structured subject-wise collection, and questions from competitive examinations made all The Civil Engineering Family.

For Previous Year’s Questions

In many of the State AE/JE Exams, most of the Exam conduct organization copy the questions of other exams. so it is mandatory to solve the previous year’s questions Frequently. This PYQ tells you the idea of questions and how is your Preparation Going on. PYQ (Previous Year questions) gives clarity about the heritage of Subjects and how you can perform better in solving the problems.  and For Previous Year’s questions, these books are very important to keep in your Hand.

Exam preparation has a time boundation and at the same time you have to Go through the Following Stages-

  • Complete the syllabus on time
  • PYQ Question Practice SSC JE
  • PYQ Question Practice of other Exams (UPPSC. NHPC, IES Prelims Question set)
  • Test Series Question Practice
  • Revision
  • Getting Selection

And in the time foundation, you have to choose the specific books to complete your target on time.

For SSC JE the Made Easy book is the best choice for Civil Engineering students.


Now you’ve some ideas to chosse the Best Books for Civil Engineering Competitive Exams. For Theory Completion, there are books available in the Market and for practice, you would have to keep specific books to target your SSC JE Preparation.

And you know, Each book contains almost 1000 pages and the book writers wrote the book for the knowledge purpose, not for competition. for that, the best suggestion is to Follow the best faculty from any coaching institute and make notes. if you don’t understand the specific subject, then go through the books in detail and clear your doubts. But you have to follow both kinds of books to have clear the concepts.

Many students don’t Purchase any books and some of the students buy all the books. But It is going to be uneconomical to purchase all the books. It depends upon your needs and Understanding and as a civil engineering student, keep at least 1 book for each subject, that will be enough. Or, If you feel that the particular subject is Hard or not easy to understand, then you can purchase only that subject book.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Best Best Book for SSC JE Civil?

Answer-  Made Easy PYQ and IES Master PYQ is the best for SSC JE Preparation.

Is it suitable to purchage the books for Civil Engineering Competitive Exam Preparation?

Answer- Definitely, You have to keep at least 1 or 2 Books to specific subject where you feel the subject is hard.

Where to buy the Civil Engineering Competitive Books?

Answer- If you want to purchase online,  Amazon and Flipkart are the Best to Purchase in the Resanoble Price.


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