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best paint company in India

In this Blog, you’ll know about the TOP 10 Best paint company in India, The Price Range, and the practical approach to knowing the color of your house before purchasing the paint.

Your personal choice and the test make the painting work successful. Because the color of the House affects your moods and Emotions. So, the better selection of paint and the process of painting you should know. 

House painting is the Last part of the construction Process. It Gives not only a premium look to your House but also protects you from the weather and other adverse conditions. 

There are a lot of paint companies in the Market, you get confused to select the Best. you take suggestions for Friends, Neighbors or Dealers. But you didn’t get to the real point of application. The right way to paint gives a better finish to your house. 

 10 Best wall paint brands

Top to Bottom Ranking


Established in 1942 and one of the best paint company in India. On each and every street Indian people Prefer this for the Interior and exterior walls. 


Manufacturing paints from 1932  and providing paints to the  Indian house for years.  Headquarters in Gurgaon Delhi. Also, provide Coating material and a variety of paints. easily available in the market you can use it for hours in a new or old house. 


Holds 2nd Number in the top 10 best paint company in India. The headquarters is in Kolkata and has been serving customers since 1923. More than 16 factories all in different cities.  In the International market, it has Stock points in Russia, Poland, Nepal, and many other places. 


Established in 1920, Headquarters in Mumbai hold 3rd position in India manufacturing very high-quality Paints for the House. It is Very popular in the Indian Market and consider as Market Leader in the paint industry. 


It’s Manufacturing paint from 1913 and provide Pints for both Interior and Exterior wall. The specialty about this company is it gives a 3 to 7  years Warranty over its Product. 


Jumped in the Market in 2000 and its Unique quality is loved by all over India. It is Easily available in the market. Unique products such as Metallic paint and floor coating paint are the best quality and hold no 1st position in India.  


140 Years of Experience in paint manufacture and in Asian continent, many people Prefer This. The Nippon paint provides productive, decorative and industrial quality to the Customers. Although, Nippon paint is difficult to obtain in the market. But, if you find it, then definitely go for It. 


The Shalimar paint is one of the oldest company manufacturing paint for the House. The quality of the paint is best and you can use it on a Very Low Budget. 


Dulux and Asian paint are satisfied with their performance and are widely used by Customers. That’s why we’ll Discuss these two Companies in Detail 

ASIAN Paint in Details 

It’s an Indian company and headquartered in Mumbai. Asian manufactures its own products and sells products related to Home Décor, Bath Fittings and providing related services. 

Asian Paint Quality is Very Good and it has a damp sheath primer in comparison to alkali. 

Price Range

It found in Low Range, Mid Range and High Range Products 


a) Low Price Range Product 

Product Name- TRACTOR EMULSION is Good in the Interior Paint segment.

It’s available with 20 Litre Bucket and Price is – 2500/- to 2900/- Rupees 

Key features- It gives a Smooth emulsion finish and is available in more than 1600 Color Shades   


b) Medium Price Range Product 

Product Name- Apcolite

It’s available with 20 Liter Bucket with Price- 5500 /- to 6000/- Rupees

Key Features- Mat finish and deep color 


c) High Price Range Product

Product Name-  Royale Emulsion paint 

 It’s available with 20-litre Bucket with Price Range- 8000/- to 9000/-  Rupees

Key features- It Gives Luxurious finish and long-lasting with unwastable.


2. For the Exterior Wall Paint 

In this, the Product is Divided into 3 Segment





a) Low Price Range

Product Name- Interior Paint 

b) Medium Price Range 

 Product Name- Apcolite Premium Emulsion 

It’s 20 Liter Bucket – 5500 to 6000 Rupees

Key Features- Mat finish and deep color available 

c) HIGH price Range 


 20-litre Bucket price -8000/- to 9000/-  Rupees

 Key Features- Gives Luxurious finish and long-lasting 

General Information and Tips

Asian Royal Shine is the best, Its light shed also covers 120 square feet which is very economical. Apex Ultima is good for the exterior and its Ultima Protek is even better. 

DULUX Paints

It’s an international company that produces architectural paint. It’s an alkyd-based paint. The base company is in the USA. Most of the Paints are Popular in India.

General Information and Tips for the Application Of Paint-

Base Preparation- If the wall is plastered already then use low and medium-quality paint. 

Apply this Wall Putty Base

a). ROYALE Asian Paint

b). DULUX PROMISE Interior 

If the Base is Prepared with POP Punning on the Plastered wall- High-quality paint should be applied. 

Then Use- DULUX VELVET Touch 

Price Range of DULUX 

We’ll discuss the Interior and Exterior Wall Paint. 


A) Low Price Range

Product Name – Dulux Promise Interior 

It’s 20-litre Bucket -2200 to 2500 Rupees. 

Key Features- Gives Beautiful Finish and scrub resistance is better, available in richer brighter Color.


B) Medium Price Range 

Product Name – DULUX (SUPER COVER) 

It’s  20 LITRE – 4700-5800 Rupees. 

Key Feature- It has Antibacterial Properties 


C) High Price Range 

Product Name- Dulux Velvet Touch 

It’s available with 20 Liter Bucket of price – 8000 /-  to 9000/- Rupees

Key Features- Smooth and good repellent 



For Outdoor Wall Painting/best exterior paint- Choose these paints for the Better Mood and Happy family for your House  


Medium Price Range –DULUX Weather shield

High Price Range –DULUX Weather shield Protect 


General Information and Tips for Choosing The PAINT

A) For the Interior Part

In the Low range segment, you should take- TRACTOR EMULSION PAINT (DULUX). 

B) For the Exterior

For exterior, you can use these 4 kind of paints.

1. ACE (Asian Paint-20 liter@ 2500-3000/-) and 

2. DULUX PROMISE EXTERIOR (20 its price @ 2200-2800 Rs/-) is good and value for Money. 

3. APEX (Asian Paint-20 liter @4500-5000/-) and Dulux weather shield (4000-4500/-)

These above paints are weatherproof and dustproof paint and can be used in coastal and heavy rainfall regions. 

4. APEX ULTIMA (Asian paint-6000-6500) and DULUX Weather shield Protect (5000-5500) are good, waterproof, and flexible. It’s Fill the Exterior wall cracks. 


Modern Technology to Choose the House Colour


Design your home first on your smartphone with an Asian paint android app. It will help you see How your wall is going to look after painting. 

Through the App in which by applying different colors on the walls of the house, you can get the right color and you’ll like the color experience of the House in Reality.

The Process to Select the Perfect Paint Color For Your Home


  • Open the Play store of your Mobile 
  • Search- APP NAME (Color With Asian Paint)
  • You’ll find the Collection of different colors according to the Room (Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom color, Verandah, Outside wall, Interior wall). You’ll find the trending design colors and they come with updated forms every day. You’ll have a different texture and wallpaper.
  • Find out by taking a photo or taking it from the Phone Gallery.  
  • Select a choice of your color, then an automatic camera will open and paint will appear on the wall. 
  • Finally, decide and choose the best paint company in India according to the choice of your color
  • In this App, you can find the Best painter Phone Number and the Asian Paint shop Dealer also.  


IMPORTANT QUESTION FROM YOUR SIDE Regarding choosing the best paint company in India


Can I paint outside in the rainy season? Is it correct or not

Answer- NEVER!


painting of the roof for its protection from damage

ANSWER- you can use either Dulux Aquatech (Roof) waterproofing materials or Asian’s damp proof


Can we Paint on plastered walls directly?

Answer- Yes but you should go with a primer of a single coat. 



Answer- Asian paints, Aquatech, Berger PU Roof Coat

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