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Best Cement Sheet in India

In this Blog, You’ll know about the Best Roofing sheets for House, The Top 6 Companies and Size of the sheets available in the Market, Their Price Range and How to Install.

We generally see that many people build roofs with cement sheets. The reason is being to install fast with low budget.  

Types of sheets 

1. AC Sheets- Asbestos sheet/ Cement sheet 

Generally People Prefer This in India.



  • Cost is low as compare to other sheet
  • Low heat transfer 
  • Reduce Noise
  • Weather proof and no cause corrosion.


  • Difficult to handle and Installation.
  • Heavy weight 


2. GI Sheet- Galvanised sheet


  • Light weight 
  • Low cost
  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Highly corrosion resistant 
  • Easy to Install



  • Heating problem 
  • Cause noise in Rainy weather 
  • Chances of corrosion 


3. Colour sheet 

These are found in Different Color for the aesthetic Purpose.


  • Light weight 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Weather proof 
  • Highly durable 
  • Easy to Install 

4. PUF panel sheet


  • Energy savings 
  • Reduces noise

5. Polycarbonate Sheet 

This type of roofing sheets are installed where light problems occur. These transparent sheets allow the light to pass through the surface. 


  • Light weight 
  • Life span- 10 to 15 years 


The color of the sheet faded faster. 

6. PVC polyvinyl chloride Sheets 


  • Causes no corrosion 
  • Durability 
  • Weather proof 

7. UPVC (Unpasteurized Polyvinyl chloride sheets )


  • No heat problem 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Durable
  • Reduces Noise pollution 
  • Anti corrosion 


  • Cost is high as compare to other roofing sheet 


Now a days you can choose the various kind of designing sheet sell in the market 

Such as- 

Bamboo sheet 

Bitumen Sheet

Rubber Sheet 

Biocomposite sheet 

Which Cement sheet is best for roof?

Most of the People use Cement Roof sheet because it’s easily available in the Market. This comes in Various companies.

Here we’ll discuss the 6 Cement Chadar Companies in India top to Bottom Ranking. Their Price Range and Full Details. 


If you’re Thinking of your House roof to Be for a Longer time, almost 10- 15 years, Then Definitely go for it. 


Charminar is the best, many people have tested all and most trusted & selling of Charminar is very high. 

c). JAYPEE COMPANY Cement Chadar

JAYPEE provides The Best Roofing sheets for House in India and many people use this for long life of roof. Returning to the company is easy and all money returned. If it cracks while installation, then only it will be returned.


Most people use it for their house as the Price of Konark is Low and Easily available in The Market. These are cheaper in price but not durable. For the Temporary Installation, you can prefer KONARK company sheets. But according to the customer’s review, Konark chadar is the best. 

e). Atlas  Cement Sheet

Atlas Fibre cement are very popular and can be used for domestic, industrial and various purpose. 

Big Six Profile roof sheet- These are most popular sheets that can be used in animal housing and  garages. These 6 corrugations and overlaps/underlaps with each side can be fit with screws and washers for rolled steel/iron and timber frame structures. You can find these sheets in natural grey colur and in sizes of 1.830 m, 2.440 m and 3.050 m. 



These roofing sheets are 100% asbestos free. It low thermal conductivity Keeps interiors cool. Ramko sheets insure Zero Noise Pollution as Compared to other metal roofing sheets with high durability. 

Its High Chemical Resistance property makes a ideal choice for the Chemical Plants houses sheds and Oil Manufacturing Houses. 


JP And Konark are of the Same Price. 

Konark- 12 X 3.5 Feet – price 800/- Per Piece 

Jaypee Cement Chadar12 ft – 840 to 950/- Per sheet. 

Everest Company- This sheet is 6 feet for 550 rupees and for 8 feet it is 650.


The Price may vary from place to place as the Dealer will charge some margin from the Customer. 

NOTE- Each company sheet comes in 12 × 3.5 and its price is from 630 to 700 Rupees, it can be more. You can find out the rate list by going to the shop.


Size Of Sheets Available in The Market

You’ll find the following Size of Best Roofing sheets for House in India. 

Width- 3.5 Ft 

Length- 6.5 Feet, 8 Feet, 10 Feet And 12 Feet. 

Note- You should Buy Maximum Length 8 Or 10 Ft sheet because it’ll be easy to Handle when Installation. Otherwise The cement sheet can break. 


Numbers of sheets require for A Room

Here you’ll know how many sheets are required for the Roof you are going to construct.

For the 10 X 12 Room (10 Feet Width and 12 Feet Length). 

6 Sheet- 3 Sheets are of 8 Feet and 

3 sheets are of 10 Ft  

Sheet of 12 feet is Rs 850 /-

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