Steel Gate design | Choose 304 Grade steel | Cost and Installation 450-550 /-

In this blog know all about Steel Gate design, the cost of steel, Making charges, and how to choose the best Steel gate design that matches your choice. Modern steel gates are gaining popularity among the people. You can also prefer to design these gates According to your budget, security, and need.

Design Selection of Steel Gate for Your Newly Constructed House 

Steel gates are generally made from stainless steel. But this is also found in different types According to the grade of Steel. 

As a house owner, it is important to choose good quality Steel and the strongest.

Additional Decorative Items in the Steel Gate Design

The design should be a combination of all the materials discussed below. 

1. Glass Sheet 

You can install the glass sheet according to the aesthetic purpose. It includes flower figures and different kinds of pictures are artillery that has inscriptions. 

you should tell the fabricator to Place OM or the SUBH, LABH Pre-made Picture in the Front part of the Gate.

2. HPL sheets

These sheets are available in the market and fit in the size 3 X 5 feet or 8 X 4 feet. or you can directly Purchase them from the market in long sizes and cut them according to the need. 

The gate looks even more beautiful when this sheet is put on it. these are available in the market with 
different colors with different Designs. 

3. Rectangular Pipes and Circular steel Pipes 

40 X 10 mm rectangular pipes are used.


4. Lock system in Steel Gate

Lock system in steel gate  

There are various kinds of lock system choices by people. One is the Godrej lock system, which is good for security purposes. 

5. Jet Railing

Steel gate design

These Railings are attached to a single door that can be installed directly in the wooden door frame. 


6. Which Companies Steel is Good to Purchase

Jindal Stainless Steel is good as per the customer’s choice. Stamping above the steel makes you sure to use it. 

What Are The Different Types of Steel Grades to select?

There are two kinds of Stainless steel Available in the Market. you should know the Different Types of Steel Grades before buying it. You can choose anyone, but follow this information, you’ll be selective on your better choice. 


1. 202 Grade Steel 

These stainless steel are of Los quality. They are light in weight and corroded quickly.

Available in the market as 205 /- per kg 

2. 304 Grade Steel 

These are good quality stainless steel, rust free and High durability. 

Available in the market between 330/- to 350 /– per kg depending upon the City and location.  


3. How to Check the Grading of Steel 

Some chemicals are used to check the grade of Steel. This can help you avoid getting scammed. So, you need to know how to test it. 

If a few drops are poured over the steel, if it changes in brown colors, it’s a 202 grade of Steel. If the steel does not leave colors after pouring a few drops, then it is pure 304-grade stainless steel. 


4. Uses of 202 and 304 Grade steel Gate 

202-grade steel is used for the inside while 304-grade is suitable for the outside front gate. 

Cost of the Steel Gate

This is your ultimate question….

The steel gate is made in how much rupees? 

It’s a general calculation and the answer is collected from different stores and steel-making people. 

Here, You can go Through Two Approaches-

       1. Purchase The steel per KG from the Market and Give the Fabricator to Design 

The cost of labor and repairman charge is as follows- first, you buy the Steel from the market. And the making charge would be 80-100 rupees per kg. 


      2.  Directly Purchase from the Contractor Including Steel and Making Charges

This approach is very good. This can save you the hassle. You can Directly tell the repairman to purchase on their own with fabricating charges of 430 /- to 450 /- per kg.


3. Other Important References to Know Steel Gate Price 

You’ll get a 55 kg Steel gate weight 3 X 7 feet (That is Single door steel Gate) for around 31, 000 /- Including steel per Kg and Making charges. 

Another shopper said- the 8 X 8 feet Steel gate price would be with designs and everything= 67,000 /- Rupees. 

Per kg price= 350-500 Rupees. 

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