Best tmt bar in India | TATA, SAIL, Jindal, JSW- With FE 550 D and More Grades

best TMT bars in India

Through This blog, you’ll know the Best TMT bar in India that are widely used in the India. If you are wondering how to find The Best TMT bar in India, we are here to help you select the best one to go with. The confusing question for the House owner is- Which company’s steel bars to take for the construction of Their Building

There are lots of Steel bar brands available in the market. You get confused about which one to select, and you know The steel bar is the only thing that holds the whole building together. so it’s important to choose as the best building material.  There are duplicate steel is also available in many places, which would not be able to recognize. and they are manufacturing by the companies but many land owners don’t know how to recognize it. 

Know How to Read The Steel Bar

best tmt bar in India


When you go to the market to purchase steel bars. what specification you need to check in the steel bars? Here are suggestions to recognize the best bars for house construction.

These are the best methods to check the steel bars 

1. Steel Bars Name

The name of the company should be written on the steel bar.

2. TMT

Steel bar should have “TMT” written on it

3. Ribs

You must recognize ribs in every steel.

4. ISI Mark

Also, there should be a written ISI mark in the square or rectangular form on the good-quality bars. 

5. Steel Grades

Steel Grades Written in the bars as 500 D or 415 D is in N/mm2– it means if the Load is acting upon the bars by a machine, after some time it will break as gaining the maximum load. The load at which the bar will bend is a load of steel which shows the strength of Steel in N/mm2 .

6. Diameter of bar

In the steel bars, the Dimeter should also be written. Beam and column- 12 mm steel used And for Slab- 10 mm steel bars are used.

7. Check by Bending the bars

Take a bar and bend it, again make it straight. If the cracks developed then it’s not a good quality bar. certainly you would not be able to bend easily. Helper will help to do this test to recognizes of good steel bars.   

8. Corrosion

You have seen bars that are already corrodes in the dealers shop. If there is light rust then you can take it but if it is too much then don’t use it for the construction.

9. Manufacturer test certificat

When Steel company deliver the orders to retailers in tons of bars, they issue Test certificate in which they outlined the each and every test of the bars. In this certificate, you’ll also know the name and grade of steel. You can find it from the dealer of the company before purchasing the steel bars.

10. Length

Standard length of the steel bars 12 meter or almost 40 Feet. To check the standard manufacture length take measurement tape and measure the length. if it is less than the size, they might be local brand or the duplicate company. 

11. Check Weight

This is another test to check the good steel bars. Cut 4 sample- pieces of 1 m and put in formula D2/162 Kg. take D is the Diameter of the Bars in mm. For example- a 12 mm steel bar, weight would be 10.5 Kg. you can use the above formula to find the weight and measure in the weighing machine. 

Best quality TMT Bars in India

5-6 Best TMT bar in India Brands that are easily available in the market are used in many places. You can choose the best for your house.

Before that, the TMT Companies are divided into two categories- 

  1. Primary Company List
  2. Secondary company list 

Primary Company List

Earlier MILD Steel and TOR Steel bars were used for various purposes. But with the growing technology, now companies are manufacturing The TMT Bars which are named TMTThermo Mechanically Treated bars”. These are good quality bars that you can use for your House construction. 

 Primary companies sell steel bars lengthwise as their weight is very standard. They manufacture steel bars from the original iron ore extracted from the earth.

1. Tata Tiscon

Steel companies in India

Popular in Asia and one of the oldest steel manufacturing companies in the world. It’s also popular in Europe and holds the 2nd Position in Europe.

 Select Grade- FE 500 & 550 D No duplicate problem. You can use it in each Part of the House. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has already passed the testing report. It’s a genuine product. Tata Tiscon made steel bars from New Iron Ore. so the strength is good. 

2. Sail TMT Bar

sail tmt bars

Steel Authority of India Limited manufactures this. The Indian Government steel manufacturing company started in 1954. 

You can trust it as it is an Indian Government certified company and provide the best TMT bar in India any doubt you can use it for House construction. Also used bars in the roads, bridge work. Its order is High as used by the government in many areas. 

Garde- Started from Fe 415 D, Fe 500 D, and Fe 550 D.

3. JSW Neosteel Pure TMT Bars

best steel rod company

Serving from 1982. It holds the 7th Position in the world in the steel manufacturing category. 

Garde available- Fe 500 D & Fe 550 D

India Holds 1st position in India. Easily available in the market. 

Also used by the Indian Government in the dam, Road construction, and Bridges. 

4. Jindal Panther TMT Rebars

best steel for construction


It is one of the Best TMT bar in India. Biggest Private steel manufacturer company in India. Head Quarter in Mumbai and Largest Producer of Steel Grade Fe550 D bars and Provide up to 50 mm Bars.

Available in the Market in two Names.  One is Named “Jindal” and the Other is named “Jindal Panther”. The Jindal Panther is Good to use in the Building and is Available with grades Fe 450, Fe 500 and Fe550, and Fe600. 

These are very High-quality Bars manufactured without any scrap. Jindal Panther is made from New Iron Ore. In India, It is available in every corner of India. 

Benefit- If you order in Bulk, The company will not charge the Labour cost and the Transportation cost. The company will deliver directly to your site. 

You can choose this company’s steel without any doubt. 


5. Goel TMT 550

best steel brands in India

Locally available in the Market. It’s found to low price and quality is good, many people select this for constructing 2 to 3 story Buildings. 

Prices- Prices as the same as Tata Steel.

Secondary Company

Local manufacturing companies are known as the secondary company. And many of these companies use scrap iron to manufacture steel bars. So with time, their strength decreases.  They don’t use the pure iron ore extracted from the earth. And they sell in Bundles or with the “Weight”

All steel TMT (secondary) are mixing scrap but the percentage of mixing is less which makes it affordable but best in its range.

Highest Quality Secondary Company List- 

  • Kamdhenu NXT
  • Monjia
  • Rathi
  • SRMB
  • Rungta steel fe550D 
  • Electro steel 
  • Amba 550
  • Rana550
  • Mahashakti shali tmt 550
  • Wonder gold 500
  • Jai Bharat Ultima 550+SD
  • Super shakti 


NORMAL QUALITY secondary Company List 

These steels might be underweight, or undersized. Not everyone can afford Tata or a Primary company of steel, So select the best affordable out of these companies. 

  • Polad
  • Gemini steel bar
  • balmukund 
  • Teehri 550
  • Maithan Steel

Pieces of Bars In Bundle  

For House construction, Generally, we use 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm bars. And grades available in the market are generally FE 415, FE 500, FE 500 D, and FE 550 D. So knowing the Pieces in a bundle will be aware of not having mistakes after purchasing steel bars

Diameter of Bars  Numbers of Bars in Bundle 
8 mm 12 
10 mm 8
12 mm 6
16 mm 4
20 mm 2

Our suggestion is, Always use 500-550D TMT bar…. example SEL tiger, Shyam Steel, or Jindal.

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 If you like this Blog- best wishes and if you have question in your mind that you want to clear, please Comment- Our team will give you the best possible answer. 

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    1. Definitely, you can use it for 12 story building. The reason being
      It’s (Fe550D) unique advanced ring or grips design gives maximum ring area value as compare to others.
      Highest bond strength with Cement
      Fire resistant upto 650 degree Celsius
      Corrosion resistant and better durability.

      Along with these the company is listed 2021 IPO and available on the eastern, central, and southern part of India.

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