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best cement company in India

Which is the best cement for home construction or Which cement to choose for building a house??

Selecting the Best cement in India is a doubt for every Indian. 

Your Question may be… If you don’t have that much knowledge about which cement to buy, then it’s important to know all the details today. 

Full detail in this Article will help a lot in building your house. 

Before choosing the Best Cement in India for your House construction, It’s Important to know what type of cement will be good for Purchase.

So let’s know the Type of Cement

Type of Cement 

Here, we’ll discuss 3 Types of Cement that are Generally available in the market.

1. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement)

For the Foundation, Beam, Column- Use OPC 53 Grade 

The rate of the OPC Cement Varies Between 450 to 500 /-

2. PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement)

PPC cement is generally used for plastering, brick masonry, and waterproofing works. PPC has a lower heat of hydration and it is prone to fewer cracks compared to OPC.

PPC has lower strength than OPC but PPC provides better workability and finishing than OPC.

You can choose any one But the Ultratech PPC is best for the Plastering work. 

3. Composite Cement

Composite cement in which a proportion of the Portland cement clinker is replaced by industrial by-products, such as granulated blast furnace slag (GBS) and power station fly ash (also known as pulverized-fuel ash ), certain types of volcanic material (natural pozzolans) or limestone.

Difference Between OPC And PPC cement

It’s important to know the Difference Between OPC and PPC Cement So that you’ll be clear on what to select the best without any Guidance.


Real Difference

Garde 33, 43, 53 One Grade-Equivalent to the OPC 53 Grade
Setting Time Initial Setting Time-30 minutes 

Final Setting Time- 10 Hours 

Initial Setting Time-30 minutes 

Final Setting Time-

Strength Gain Strength in 7 Days Gain Strength in 28 Days
Curing Time 7-10 Days 10-15 Days
Working Footing, Column, Beam, Slab Brickwork, Plastering, Tiles work
Higher almost 50 Rupees more than PPC Low-Available in the Market Easily

Important Note- Use OPC  53 Grade of Cement for the House construction.     

Important Note– Don’t Use OPC Cement in Plasterwork. As the OPC settles fast and releases heat of Hydration an Exothermic reaction takes place. To prevent this, proper curing is done.  Later there may develop cracks if you will use the plasterwork with OPC grade.  

Checking Cement Quality 

We should know the quality of the Cement as the dealer may hand you the wrong cement.

How to know whether it is three months old or new? The manufacturing date is written on the Cement bag. 

And shouldn’t buy in Bulk. Because after 3 Months cement loses its strength by 30 %.

 You should check the Final settings time which is 10 Hours. 

Check  Manufacturing Date where written best before 3 months from the date of packing. 

Buy Cement from Old and Certified Dealer Only

Look at the ISI Mark written on the Sack 

TOP 10 Best Cement Companies in India to Buy and Use for House Construction

All the Cement Companies are Good. The main thing is to recognize the Contractor’s suggestion of either OPC or PPC Grade. Here is the Suggested Company From the top 1 To 10 That you can Believe. 

1. Ultra Tech

You Can do all the house construction with UltraTech Premium PPC Cement

but for Slab Casting- Ultratech super is Good. 

2. Shree Cement 

3. Ambuja cement

4. ACC Cement 

5. Dalmia Bharat DSP

6. JK Lakshmi

7. Jaypee

8. The Ramco

9. Mp birla chetak cement

10. Nuvoco Duraguard Cement

Best Cement for Slab Casting in India cement for roof

Lots of brands and cement are prepared by the best company. All the cement is good. Select the Best Quality of Cement, So that there are no cracks or leakage problems in the roof happens. You 

A good grade is 53 Grade. So PPC is available in the market. PPC 53 grade is the best for the slab and does the quarrying properly to gain strength. 

Railways sleepers are made from the PPC grade 53.

Here is the Specific TOP 5 Cement for the Slab casting

Ambuja Kavach Cement

Ambuja Kawach Cement

Buy Ambuja Cement PPC (Pozzolana Portland Cement) at the best price of Rs 398/bag.

Ambuja Plus Roof Special Cement

Ambuja special roof design

Packing Size: 50 Kg at Rs 395/bag PPC 53 Grade. 

ACC Gold Water Shield

ACC Gold Water Proof

ACC GOLD WATER SHIELD Cement is India’s first water-repelling cement to protect your home from water leakage. ₹ 360 / Bag. Buy only PPC (Pozzolana Portland Cement) of this brand. 

Ultratech Premium Cement

Ultratech Premium

Buy UltraTech Cement at the best price of Rs 395/bag. It’s a PSC cement good for the Roof.

MP Birla Rakshak Cement

MP Birla Rakshak

At Rs 410/bag.  CC (Composite Cement)

Chemical MIX with the Cement

Generally, Dr. Fixit Liquid is Used to Mix with the Concrete when the slab is casting. 200 ml of LW+ with every 50 kg bag of cement is mixed with Dr. Fixit.

The main reason to mix it is to provide waterproofing. Chemicals are made for Extra Security. But keep attention to mixing proportions of chemicals with the cement.

Proper vibration is necessary and the Cover Block is used in proper intervals. By making Ponding in the roof to cure for treats 10 days is necessary for the new roof. 

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