Modern Single Floor House design | 11 NEW Steps To your Dream House

Modern single floor house design ideas

Here, We’ll Guide you on designing the layout for a Modern single Floor house design. These Ideas can Help you Visualize the road map of your Dream house. Read point 1 to 11 to find out more information.

When designing the layout, consider the following steps:

1. Define your needs First

All it Begins by identifying the requirements and needs of your Life. According to your Family Size, you know How many bedrooms, bathrooms, Kitchens, Courtyard will needed?

By simplifying this, You can Ask yourself Following Question and on the Right Side Write the Numbers you Need. 

How Many Numbers of Separate Bed Rooms do you need-

The Living Space or the Common Room- 

Numbers of Kitchens-

Numbers of Bathrooms- 

The Size of the Courtyard- 

Also Include if you need Private swimming Pool-

Finally, Consider factors such as family size, lifestyle, and future needs.

2. Analyze the site

For Modern single Floor house design, Evaluate the shape, size, and orientation of the site. See the PLOT Connectivity to which side of Main Road or the Street Road. Think that where (East, West, North, South) the main gate would be open. 

Think About the Dispose of Drain Water to the Nearest Road Cannel. This will help you on The Entire plumbing fittings of your House. 

Also, Take into account factors like the direction of sunlight, views, and any existing features (Trees) that should be incorporated or considered in the Layout Design. 

3. Create a Rough Sketch

House design through App

Now a Days, There are lots of Tools Available online to check the Design Of your Modern single Floor.

First Start by sketching a basic layout on paper/Pencil, considering all the spaces that we did on the 1st Step.

You Can follow this Video Tutorial  to Sketch The Single Floor House Design. 

2nd Method is to sketch by Yourself- Take the Help of Planner 5D App

You Can Simply Download the APP From Play Store and Simply Log In  with Email and Start form the Scratch.  It is Very Easy to Sketch & Build your dream home with powerful software by yourself. There are Lots of Easy to Use Design Tools. 

This will help you visualize the arrangement of rooms and determine the overall 2D/3D house View. 

And it will help you to figure out the space need for the particular structure as well as the area available for the parking and gardening.

You can Also use these Website to Design the Rooms that you dream- READ Below

Top 8 AI Tools for Architectures | AI software floor Plan | 3D Interior Designs

4. Allocate Spaces while Sketching 

Begin by placing the essential spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas.

Think about the relationship between different areas and ensure there’s a logical Relation to them.

For Example, If the Bed Room is private, noise control, Good Ventilation, accessibility to bathroom, Then it is the best room to sound sleep at night.

Along with these, consider for the family functions and area accommodation for the occasions. 

5. Maximize space in a Modern Single floor House Design 

Determine the appropriate sizes for each room, ensuring they are spacious enough for their usability.

While Drawing, List out which one will take more space (Such as Stair, Courtyard, Dinning space) and according to that make adjustment.  

Choose the Standard size of the room such as (Bed Room Size- 10′ x 12′) will give more comfort. 

Take into account furniture placement and consider flexibility in room usage if needed.

6. Consider Utilities for Single floor House design 

This step is crucial to ensure by yourself the placing of such utilities convenience throughout the house.

Utility for the House such as Laundry, washer & dryer area, counter, wash sink are important to think of. 

if you’re thinking for good comfort, Include the electrical outlets, switches, plumbing fixtures, and heating/cooling systems in modern design house. 

You can take suggestions  of Plumber or Electricians. because you can do by yourself but the 

7. Incorporate Storage

As we live in house, year by year the closet, Furniture and other house items increases in numbers.  

So, designate spaces for storage (closets, cabinets) and built-in shelving are priorities for the Modern single Floor house design. Adequate storage helps keep the house organized and clutter-free.

Build vertical shelving (Almirah) in the house will increase the storage capacity. Double Roof system above the Bathroom will give you rectangular space for the storage of Not used things. 


8. Enhance Natural light and Ventilation

Natural Light and Airy room keeps you Healthy. Proper light can help you work efficiently & keeps you fresh whole the day. 

So windows, ventilation, exhaust are important part of the House. Strategically placing the windows and doors is crucial while making layout of the House.

This not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to energy efficiency and a comfortable living environment. 

To maximize natural light and promote airflow, do some random sketch in the initial designs or change the positions in Planner 5D App. watch some video on you-tube, find out ideas on vastu placing of Doors, windows, ventilation in the right position to increase the flow of energy in house.  

9. Evaluate Safety of House 

In India or other countries, we ignore this factor. but think, if it happens to caught fire on the House, dream house will be no more in front of your eyes. So, spending some amount on safety tools/materials for House will be better to save life.

Consider safety measures, such as incorporating fire exits, smoke detectors, lighting protection system, House Protection system (CCTV). 

10. Building Material Selection

While Your 2D plans are ready, next important factor is building materials. in each part of the world, selecting building materials is crucial. and the main issue with availability and transportation of the building materials according to the locality. 

 And finding sustainable and eco-friendly building materials is not so easy. But choosing the kind of materials, contributes to a greener environment and increase the durability and long life of the structure.

your research is not yet done, further materials list and the quantity should be in disposal- such as 

A) Bricks, Aggregate, Sand- Where to Buy and transportation including the Cost. 

b) Which Company Cement is Good for different Kind of House work- See the TOP Best Cement Company List Here.  

c)  Best TMT bars for House-TOP TMT Bars 

d) Wood for Furniture or Just Readymade Things 

e)  Tiles and Marbles 

f) Wall Putty 

You can guess the Number of Materials Also 

11. Revise and Refine

Once you have a preliminary design, review and revise it as necessary. Check the every rooms are spacious enough to meeting the needs. See if the Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Spaces are on the Right position according to the Hindu Vastu. 

And specially for the Modern single Floor house design, Seek feedback from any Designers or experienced individuals to ensure your design meets building codes and and the Vastu. 


I Think, The above Mention Points will help you a lot without spending money to create house design from the architecture. 

Even Though, designing a house involves various considerations, and it’s advisable to consult with architects, engineers, or professionals in the field to create a well-designed and structurally strong home.

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