Best Season for House Construction | Winter, Rainy, Summer or which One??

best season for House construction

Are you thinking of starting house construction in the near future? This blog will help you decide to choose the Best season for House construction projects to start this year.

In this Blog, we’ll be discussing the best season for starting house construction. We’ll discuss the risks and benefits of starting construction in wet weather, and the summer season, and give you a roadmap on how to make the best decision for your house construction project. 


1. Winter Season (November- February)

Many people consider that winter is the suitable season for House construction. Yes Definitely it is as  cool exposure environment will help to set and hard the concrete as well as best for developing strength of the structure. 

Winter is best for slab casting and plastering work as it will prevent thermal cracking and also the temperature is perfect so requires less water for curing work. 

Winter season relatively busy time as the Rabi Crop (Paddy ) Cutting in most of the Country which draw lots of worker. So it is difficult to find the workers for construction workers for the contractors.  That lead to increase the labor cost during winter.  


a). The days are shorter in winter

Many Contractors think that The day gets shorter in winter and there will be less work in winter. So the construction project will take time and also the Overall Labour Cost will increase. 

It starts getting dark even before 5 o’clock. And even in the morning labors does not want to work before 9-10 am. If you cut the lunch off by 1 hour, then the working time will remain only 6-7 hours in a day. that not much to complete the work on time and contractor couldn’t get profit. 


b). 2 Ways to Overcome This 

Extra Productivity– If you give them extra money, certainly they will come early and they will give good productivity.

Positive Side- There is more work in the winter season because the laborers do not feel the scorching sun and they don’t feel thirsty and tired again and again. 

NOTE- But one thing it is accept that the material price goes down in the Winter Season. So one can save money on materials but have to bear the Labour cost. 


Start house Construction in Summer Season (March-June)

The summer season is also known as Kharif season in India and it’s from march to June. it is the best season to start the construction work as days are loner usually. so, the more work can be completed in short span of time.

In the summer season, the demand of building materials increases, that’s why prices increases suddenly. if your choice is to expense little bit more but complete the project soon, then summer is the best. 

Dry weather make the concrete to set and hard easily but Curing in the summer season is difficult as water dry out immediately. also, Workman is not able to work in the summer season and work will be slow.

House construction in Rainy Season (June to September)

House construction best season

Can we Start House Construction in the Rainy Season?

You Can start to work in the rainy season when everything is available on your site. And if the road is directly construction to your site, there is no problem with Purchasing materials when needed.

Foundation work- When doing Excavation, The footing trench may collapse. And water stored in the Trenches. It will cost you to pump out the water. 


Construction work in June- July

If you have already started the work in June- July, and if it is the PCC foundation work, Just stop it till October and continue after that. Because, monsoon withdraws till the October. Beside this, due to the unavailability of the river sand, the material also becomes expensive in June-July. 


Complete the Construction up to Plinth Level in the Rainy season

Before the rains, the foundation work should be completed up to the plinth, then the rest of the work can be done in rainy season. Steel bars get corrode when contact with rain water in the rainy season  that will cause the structural damage and short life span. construction working may delay in the construction site when it rains and the 


Best Season for House construction of Specific structure

As we all know the Construction is done in various stages. It starts with RCC Footing work, Plinth Beam, DPC, then Brick Masonry, Slab, then Plaster, Plumbing, Pipe fitting, Electric fitting and finally Putty and Painting work. Each work takes time and workforce.  and what if all the building material is of good quality but not start the work in right season. Your entire saving money can be wasted. so, Here we’ll discuss to choose the right season for start the particular structure of construction work. 

Best Season for Roof Casting

In which season should the roof be Cast?

The Best Season is Just Before Monsoon. In India, generally, Monsoon begins between 10 to 15th June. So, if you’re Looking for the correct Date- The first week of June is the Best. Because you have to leave it for 21 days with the Formwork. And during this time, the roof will get Direct Rainwater. not need to watering, or placing gunny bags in the concrete structures. 


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Plastering Work 

Which is the Best Time for plastering?

The best time is June-July as the monsoon begins and the Moisture is quite good and strength gaining of plastering as well as Queering is easy for the House Owner. 

8. Best season for House construction in Hilly Areas

Who lives in the hill station and there, during winter weather will be very cold from October to March, and the days will be too short, so which months will be better? 

If you are living in the hilly region then you should start in summer. There, the weather would be cold anyway, so the labor would not sit ideally and will be ready to work.

Materials availability 

When the material remains cheap?

best season in India for House construction

In winter, rivers open again in September for mining, which closes in the rainy season, then the material becomes a little cheaper. Like the Sand which is important building material needed in bulk for House construction. 

Brick Manufacturers also start their work and the cost is low. 

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At what time is it appropriate to buy bricks?

You would have known the Price of 1 Brick. It varies from place to place but Generally 8-10 Rupees. And one Tractor 100 CFT (Almost- 1500 Bricks- Rate is 13000 /- to 15000 /- ) But at the Ending Month, It Starts to Increase and reach up to 10 to 14 Rupees Per Brick. That is a little bit costly for the House owner. 

Final, best season to start house construction in India (September-May)

The rainy season Ends in August which helps construction for the next best 8 months. In these 8 months, you can work straight to stand the building up to roof level. 

And your interior work will be Left Like The (Plumbing work, Plastering, Electrical wiring, door window, paint Putty) in April, May, June, and July. 

So if you’ll start your House construction work (Single floor), your House will be ready by June.



Overall- October to May is the Best season for House construction. Start House Construction in The OCTOBER Month. The above Important information concern to the Indian environment and construction process. So, I hope, you find the answer to your question Through this article. 

Laughing quote- Any weather is right, just have to have money in your pocket.

Watch This Video to Clear Out the decision of starting a house construction in which season- Best season for House construction in India By Civil Engineering Deepak. 

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