Land Buying Procedure in Jharkhand & Points to Check Before Buying A Land, Registration and Mutation Process

Land Buying process in India

Here you’ll know the actual Land Buying Procedure in Jharkhand and Documents required to check. details of Land either wrong or Right. Yes, there is indeed a lot of restriction when it comes to buying a land. Even if you see the current situation of Jharkhand, there’s a easy to land purchase rules in Jharkhand.

CNT and SPT ACT In Jharkhand

As There are 70 % SC ST living in Jharkhand state and their land comes under the Government Act. While purchasing or selling any land on Jharkhand, the only thing you should keep in mind is there is no such violation of “CNT and SPT ACT”. But government has made rules to CNT (Chota Nagpur tenancy act 1908) Land, Except this there is neither any obligation to buy a land in Jharkhand.

There are two ways for transfer of CNT land in Jharkhand

  1. When a Person Buy a Land- According to the ACT46,  For ST/SC land the buyer should be ST/SC and resident of same revenue Thana/Tehsil as of seller. For OBC Land the buyer and seller must be residents of same district.
  2. If  A Industry Buy a Land- According to the Act49, you can buy CNT land,  if the seller has 2 acre land left after selling the land. 
  3. When Buying Undivided land- This kind of Land is jointly owned by two or more people, and it is not divided into individual shares. If a ST/SC person claims over 10 acres of undivided land, they are allowed to sell or transfer their share of the land to a non-tribal Person without the permission of the Respective District DC.

Registry of Land

Land Buying Procedure in Jharkhand

From ST SC Land – All the land entered in prohibited list ,which are declared to be restricted by government and against the public policy are non registerable in Jharkhand. complete list available on NGDRS ( National Generic Document Registration System ) site and with the registrar office.

It is advisable to consult with a lawyer before buying any land in Jharkhand, to ensure that the land is Free from all illegalities. 

However, there are a important things for a buyer to keep in mind before registry agriculture land or flat from a land owner in Jharkhand:

  • Make sure that the land is not encumbered with any debts or other liabilities.
  • The land is not being used for any illegal purposes.
  • Get the sale deed registered with the sub-registrar’s office in the area where the land is located.

Offline Check- You can know the Details of Registry by Visiting Department of Land Resources – Government of India Department of Revenue, Registration & Land Reforms, Government of Jharkhand

Registration Process 

process step by step in your own state.

Token Counter Token is issued from this counter and the token is given to the customer.
Entry Counter Data is entered at this counter and a “Investigation Form” is printed, which is attached to the document after attestation by the party.
Fee Counter

Appropriate fees are charged from the party for registration.

Photo  Counter

The photograph and thumb impression of the party is taken from the biometric device.

Scanning Counter

Here the documents are scanned.

Return Counter

At this counter the original document is returned to the concerned party.

Mutation of Land

it’s actually the Land Tax  that we give to the government. If you’re going to purchase land plots from any person and The Land lord already sold to any person and that person has not done mutation of land. In this case, you can check current person registry by Visiting the Land Revenue Department and in this case, if you’re buying the Land, than you have to pay the Price of tax Money (As a Malgugari) and Purchase the Land.

Where to pay the Price of Land Mutation Fees?

Important steps to check the land

Real ownership of Land 

How many times the Property has been buying and selling. see that the registry details has been linking or not.

Match the Identification from the Seller and match the name or each personal details with the registry documents.

get the Power of attorney copy from the Buyer.

The seller must have right to sold the property.

Get the Khasra Number from the Seller and know the details of land from Rajasaw Bhibhag or Check some few Online Details. also know that the land you buying is residential permission allowed or not.

If you buying land in the Township area, get the information of the land map has been passed from the local authority or by the Nagar Nigam.

town and country planning permission

Check the Land use certificate.

Consult an Advocate

Charges may be upto ₹ 5,000 for consultation. the advocate with the help of tahasil would verify the documents to find the property details of and the Property ownership.

Identity and address proof from the proof from the Local Police Station.

Which documents should be seen before buying a land plot?

The buyer should bring 2 witnesses in his favor with their Identity proof such as Aadhaar cards.

While registering the land, tell the seller to keep original documents of the land to the registry office. 

How to Check Fake land/Plot

Here we are detailing the Few important aspect to know the fake land or right land.

1. Case Pending 

you can know from the administrative division (tehsil, also known as tahsil, taluka or taluk)

By the Data Number.

2. Double Registry Problem 

Know by visiting Registry Office of staff who working there and know the location of that division land. you can visit the Online website for checking the Double registry land

BY Visiting this site, you can check the Details of Land Seller- 

3. Wrong occupied land

That wrong land would be captured by the land owner

for this you can see the CH-41 and CH-45  are the special sometimes we call it as the Akar. you can find details so that it could be easy to find the details of the land.

4. Map 

Know the Clear Location of that Land and also know the road or connectivity of the Land from the Main Road.

5 Loan and bonds 

not necessary that loan and bonds will mention in the khatuni.

to confirm that, go to the Registry office and fill the land free certificate, you can know the loan details if any loan amount is overload on the  land owners and has been not paid from the Years. 

This Blog about Land Buying Procedure in Jharkhand have helped you know to buy your next property.

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