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In the AAC block construction of house, you’ll know about the AAC blocks full details. Their sizes, prices or what to keep in mind while using for your own house.

What is the AAC block Full form?

AAC Block is known as- “Autoclaved Aerated Cement” Block. From the name itself, these are lightweight, Strong, Durable , sound insulation, energy efficiency and made from the Lime, cement sand mixing with water and dry them. 

What is AAC block brick?

You may have seen these kind of bricks Somewhere in your territory. These are manufactured in the automated plant in which Shape and size of every bricks is equal.

These Blocks are easy to cut in different shape and install in the main wall as well as the partition wall. After cutting from any section, it gives a smooth finishing.

In these blocks, the Number of joints are less, Which lead to increase walk strength.

1. What is the Life span of AAC Block? 

The House constructed with AAC Blocks will last long up to 60-80 years till the lifespan of building. but with the proper maintenance  it could be up to 100 years. It depends upon the Material selection and the quality. 

These AAC blocks construction houses using from 1920. in India, now a days many house owners are using these for their newly house construction. 

2. Where can you use AAC Block?

Generally these blocks are uses in the RCC (reinforced cement concrete) structure where columns and beams are used to construct house.

Also in the Load Bearing walls (Up to Single Floor house), lightweight Structures, exterior and interior walls. 

If your house is load bearing of more than one floor, Cannot use RCC blocks because in the load bearing structure, all loads are acts in the walls and AAC blocks can’t takes much load.

3. What is the AAC brick Size? 

This AAC Block found in different sizes but preferably found in the market as size of (600 X 200 X 150- length, width, height ) in mm

It also available in the market of following sizes.

4″ X 8″ X 24″

6″ X 8″ X 24″

9″ X 8″ X 24″

4. Manufacturing materials of AAC Block Construction 

The following materials makes AAC blocks good strength, durable and long lasting-

Quart sand aggregates + Calcine gypsum + lime + Portland cement + aluminum powder + water

Fly Ash- It as an industrial waste product produces from thermal power plant. Also known as “fly ash” and it is used in replace of cement to lower construction costs. Its density (400 to 1800 kg/m3) improves the blocks hardness. 

Aluminum Powder- It is mixed as a foaming agent which provides thermal insulation along with strength.

Limestone- Limestone is mix in powder form to give the plasticity. 

5. AAC block price 

The prices may depends upon quality,  brands and location. Here, we are projecting prices according to their size available in the market.

S.No Sizes Prices in Rupees
1. 4″ X 8″ X 24″ 50- 60
2. 6″ X 8″ X 24″ 65- 80
3. 9″ X 8″ X 24″ 95-110

6. Important Things before Construct your house

There are some important points to be notice while using AAC blocks for your house construction.

a) RCC structure  Completed

The RCC structure must be completed already. Like, first tell the contractor to construct colum work and beam work and then install the AAC block for partition purpose only. Because these are not accountable for load bearing.

b) Up to Plinth level

You should use only Red bricks or fly-ash bricks instead of AAC block before Plinth level because when filling material will be dump, the load will act on the walls and you know that the AAC blocks are not recommended for the load bearing structure.

c) Plastering materials in the AAC Blocks walls

Use polymer modified adhesive motor which is easily available in the market

It is recommended that use gypsum plaster in the inner wall and sand plaster on the outer wall of AAC Block. 

The joint thickness (cement motor thickness) should be 3 to 5 mm.


d) Plastering & Provide Chicken mess

Plastering should be properly done on the walls otherwise cracks maybe developed. so install chicken mess to provide extra protection for the to the walls.

e) Sill Band

Provide Sill band just like DPC in every 1.2 meter height of AAC blocks wall.

7. Advantage of AAC Block construction of House

a) Cost effective

Light weight 50% less than red brick that’s lead to drop overall costing in the bigger building and also reduces the cost steel used. 

b) Faster construction

In a AAC Block, joints are lesser than regular red bricks wall. that’s why it requires less amount of cement motor and completion of work faster.

c) No Dampness Problem

The AAC blocks have 10 %  water absorption capacity that’s why not Dampness problem in the walls.

d) Thermal efficiency

The AAC blocks have thermal efficiency more than 3 times of the red bricks.

e) Smooth Finishing

The AAC blocks have good finishing and less labour costing because labour install easily to make the walls and partition walls.

f) Compressive strength

It has compressive strength 3 to 5 N/mm2

8. Disadvantage of AAC Block

The AAC blocks have low strength then read bricks

It is sold by bigger firms only that leads to less availability for construction

Trained and skill labour required for the construction.

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9. Difference between AAC Block & Red Bricks

AAC Blocks Red Bricks
50% less weight then red bricks Heavy weight
Voids present in the AAC blocks, that’s why thermal and noise cancellation Almost No voids
Bigger size and less joints which lead to fast construction work small size and more joints
This is an eco friendly product The AAC block are not environment friendly.
Less availability Easily available in the nearby town
Not reusable reusable
Higher cost Cost effective

AAC Blocks Brands

Earlier The local brands were Manufacturing the AAC Block construction of House and they were supplying to the local building house construction. with the advancement of technology and the ease of transportation, now there are Good AAC Brands are in the Market. they batch the Proper Ingredients ( Fly Ash, OPC grade 53, Aluminum Powder, Limestone ) for making the AAC Blocks. So using these blocks for house construction will increase the life span. The Popular names are Birla Aerocon, Meghalite, Siporex. 


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