Calculation of Bricks on Site -Easy Method for Calculating Bricks

Bricks counting at site

Sometimes it is mismatched between the Buyer and the truck driver while doing Calculation of bricks. Because the chimney owner sends a fixed amount of bricks to the location. And when the truck reach to the site, the number of bricks is less than the original counting. Such as when loading was done it may be 10, 000 and when unloading, you got 9900, Just less than by 100. 

If this happens, you bear loss and have to pay more the price. Generally we avoid these things. But if you want to save the money while avoiding these mistakes, you must read this blog till end. You’ll clear lots of doubts. Now you see why it happens to be wrong counting of bricks while unloading.

The Calculation of bricks wrong due to the following things- 

  • Wrong Counting while loading. 
  • The other reason might be the placing of bricks by the labor’s  while unloading from the truck.
  • And unequal size of bricks and may be create gap while arranging by the labor’s. 


We generally see that when a tractor comes to our location, we have to keep the following things in mind 

Calculation of bricks quantity


Plain Land to Unload the Bricks 

First see the place where the bricks can be easily arranged. The surface must be plain or just say the labour who are unloading the brick to plan it by spades. 


Road conditions 

When the truck reaches the main road, tell the driver to see the road that will directly reach your location. Sometimes the roads are not ready enough to take the brick-loaded truck and tires are stuck in the middle of the new roads.

And once the loaded truck stuck, they will unload bricks in that area. And later you’ll get in problem to take those bricks to your construction site. So avoid these things, and check the road conditions first. 

Bricks Arrangements

It is the important thing to make the Counting of Brick correct. It may be noticed that when placing the bricks by labor, tell them to place the above brick just below bricks in the same pattern. And in the corner, the 1 flat brick equal to the counting of 3 brick in different pattern. The below figure shows how to arrange in corner. 


Bricks arrangements

Unloading Locations 

Always choose the dry place- because when the truck driver stop near the watering area, because of the weight, the truck may get stuck in the mud. and it will also create problem for the labor to take those bricks to the work site. 

Brick unloading (Extra Charges)

These all are on the basis of real data that we have paid throughout the work while constructing house- 

  1. 10,000 bricks unloading- labour charge =2000 /-
  2. Labour transportation fair=640 (as there were 8 labour’s and per Labour Transportation fair 80 Rupees including both side fair)
  3. Truck driver miscellaneous (Baksis)-500

Calculation of Bricks at Construction site

calculate number of bricks for easy task if you know the idea behind this. Let’s start 

In the first row= 50 numbers of brick lines lengthwise

Easy brick counting

In the width = There are 11 th number of lines

Brick arranging width


And Calculating Bricks for Height wise = 18 lines 


Numbers of bricks= 50 X 18 X 11

                                       = 9900 bricks 

And there are 3 number of rows (with 50 in each row)=150.

In the above case Final calculations is- 


Total numbers of bricks =9900+150= 10050 bricks

Note- but at the time of unloading we got 10050 and almost 40 pieces broken.

So the brick owner took the price of only good condition brick. And not including the charges of 40 broken pieces.

What is The Brick Price in India?

It varies from place to place. But in the above case, we have paid the total amount is as follows-

One brick price- 7.30/- Rupees (Sometimes it goes to 8-10 Rupees depend on the weather condition and stocks)

Transportation charges- Included in the per brick price.

The fair price for the labour to reach the location- is 600/- Rupees.

The total number of bricks unloaded= 10,050. 

So, Total amount paid= (7.30 X 10,050) + 600

= 73,965 /-

It might be varies to different weather conditions. After may months, the price may go up. 


How to Check the Quality of Brick Before Unloading 

Quality of Brick check

When bricks are about to reach your location, just before unloading, first check the quality of the bricks. You can check this on the Brick Chimni also.  

But how do you check?

To know that, you should have to follows these things.

Generally, Bricks are divided into 3 CLASS, I, II, and III CLASS of bricks. The first class bricks are generally used in the foundation Brickwork. 

The II nd class bricks are used in superstructure as guided by the TATA company construction. And III rd class bricks are used for the parapet wall and other purposes.

But how will you recognize the class of bricks?

So, to know the class of the bricks, you can know by two methods

Colors of the Bricks- 

by seeing the brick color, you can recognize the class of brick and level of its strength. If it’s red, orange, and of jamun color, then you have choose the good quality brick.

But nowadays, in the chimney, brick chimney owners used the Jamun colour to paint the bricks and they sell it at a good price. So, to avoid mistakes from these types of cheating, you must go through the 3rd method.

Dropping from 1 m distance– 

take a brick and drop it from 2 m height. if it would have first-class good quality brick, then it would definitely not break. Otherwise, it will break into two pieces.


Struck the two Bricks- 

This is one of the best methods to know the brick when reach to your site. Pick the two bricks, hold by length wise and struck two bricks. If the sound is ringing (ting-ting sound), then it shows that it’s good to use. Sometimes when you stuck the bricks, they get broken. Sometimes when you struck two bricks, you would here a sound like dhop-dhop. This is the sound of bad quality brick. 


Following these strategies may help you save your time, money, and harassment while Calculation of bricks when unloading. If you find this blog helpful give your regards. If anything you want to know about the construction industry, write in the comment. I will help you with the best answer to help you with practical solutions. 


Here Use the Brick Calculator to counting the Brick 

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