How to Source Building materials for House construction?

source building material for house construction

Source Building materials for House construction is an important step before taking steps for the house construction. Building materials suppliers are very helpful regarding collecting your construction materials. Earlier it was difficult to collect the building materials. Because of the mining department inclusion, it was not easy to purchase the materials directly.


Now it’s been easy to Talk to any suppliers and relax. You only required a good location to dump the sands, Aggregate and other materials. But before that you have a sound knowledge of materials. So that you’ll be aware about the good building materials used for your nice house. Be careful about the quality of materials that suppliers are supplying to your location.


In this blog  you’ll get to know the Key steps in finding a supplier of construction materials near your locality and purchase the building materials without any hassle.

What are Building Materials 

Materials which are used to construct a house. Generally you might be thinking what those are. From the foundation to roof, there are many materials used to strengthen the house and impart looks to it. Even for the interior designs, many wooden and aesthetic things are included in this category. 

What materials are used to build a house?

The major building materials are Following-


if we talk about the bricks, you can find two types of locally available bricks

Locally chimney bricks-

 These are available in I, II  III CLASS bricks. You should always purchase I st Class brick. These are available in 10 to 12 rupees per brick and in 100 cft dala tractors which accommodate 1500 bricks in 16000 /-to 17000/- Rupees. Tell the suppliers to come with only the first class brick. Sometimes suppliers send you mixing of all class bricks. In this case, you can check by striking any two bricks and listening to the ringing sound. If you hear the ringing sound then it’s a good brick. If not, reject that lot of brick. Sometimes you’ll see the white patches above the walls after 5-6 months of your House construction. These are because of using the 2nd or 3rd class brick. 

Ramgarh brick (available in Jharkhand)-

If you want to collect in bulk, you should purchase the ramgarh bricks (Found in Jharkhand region). They send in the full highway almost 10,000 to 15,000 bricks in 12 and 16 wheel tractors. These bricks very less cost and are good quality wise. The price per brick is almost 7 rupees to 7.50 per piece. For that you’ll need to contact the suppliers who already have good connections with them. Or you can Directly contact the owner but you have to bear the cost of unloading charges, which is  almost 2000 rupees. For the 10000 bricks, we paid 73,000 /- rupees directly to one of the owners of ramgarh bricks. 


Sand or reti is the important ingredient in the building materials. You must know which kind of sand will be useful for the particular part of House. Sands used for the column work or dhalai work should be of size 4.75 mm to 5 mm size. For the plastering work, more than 0.6 mm size is good. So tell the building materials suppliers to prove you a little bit of rough size sand. And even you should know the river sand picked up from the river shore is good for building construction. The prices vary as per the location. highway sand price- 26,000/- (approx 9 tractor per 100 cft sand) on a 12 wheel hiwa. In a 100 cft tractor, the recent price is 4200/- per tractor. And prices go up in the rainy season. 


Crusher Aggregates are better for all types of House construction. You should directly approach any building materials suppliers near your town. They mainly provide a tractor 100 cft  or in small quantities. And they would charge you a little bit more. Otherwise, if you want to collect a large amount, you should contact the crusher owner. They provide tons and you can save some money. 1 hiwa is almost 800 to 900 cft Aggregate in Rupees 31,000 /- and transportation charges depend on how far from your construction location to the crusher machine. 10 to 20 mm aggregate size will be good for construction. So tell the suppliers to give this much size of aggregates. 


Murum filling

Now as a house owner, you definitely want your house to be heightened over the existing road. The other thing is to stop soil settlement so that it avoids wall cracking later. For that, you have to raise the floor level using the murum filling. In the small townhouse construction, the murum are good filling materials and the cost per tractor is lower than other filling materials. You should contact the nearby suppliers. Their charges are almost 1000-1100 Rupees per tractor. For 3000 square feet house construction, at least 30 tractors of murum will be needed. So mark your calculations and contact the suppliers.  


Cement is the frequently used material in house construction. And it will require in every construction elements such as pillars, floor casting, tie beams, Lintel, and roofs. Cements are available in the market under different companies names. And you’ll need two or three types such as dhalai or judai work cement. And the prices are a bit different. Judai work cements available in the market with price upto 350 /- Rupees. And dhalai cement available in price upto 400/- Rupees. These prices are significant increases in the rainy season. 


While starting the construction work, make sure to start the work after deepawali or just after durga Pooja. And starting from January to May is the best season. June, July, and August are not good for construction. 


Building materials dealers

Nowadays, it’s easy to find building materials suppliers near your location. They cater services to their customers if they have enough storage of materials. But it’s your responsibility to know the Price of each material before visiting the store. No doubt, there is a difference in price within a few Km areas of your town. So make sure, you should visit 4 to 5 stores and ask them the prices of each material including the transportation charges. 


Metal roofing supply

As you aim to furnish your roofs to be completely beautiful looking. And you don’t know exactly what roofing materials are likely to be used in your house construction. Such as the Coloured Steel Roofing Products, Classical unrivalled metal roof, ceiling sheet, sandwiching a foam core in various thicknesses and likewise Accessories. Contact the metal roofing distributors near you. Ask them your vision about your house and they will deliver you excellence whilst providing affordable metal roofing supplies. 


Precast concrete manufacturers 

When it comes to source building materials for house construction, we sometimes need the pre cast structure for the manufacturer. Such as when it comes to building a boundary wall, the Precast concrete is easy to install. Many house owners go with the brick/stone boundary wall. But, if you compare the prices of both including the labour and contractor charges, the cost of installation is the same. Then why not go with the precast concrete. If you want to Ready your boundaries and interior things speedy with less burden, meet with a precast concrete manufacturer near you. They have their own installation team. They will bear all the Price on the Contractual basis. 


Competition Between Building Materials Suppliers

There is a lot more competition in the suppliers in your own town. And every supplier wants a big margin. They make most of the profits from the customers like you. It’s your responsibility to be aware of the prices. So Don’t be settle knowing the price if there is only one supplier. Confirm about the 4 to 5 suppliers, know their prices and quality of materials they provide. 

Building materials storage 

In the small cities, you ignore proper storing of building materials. Sometimes materials get moisture and the building materials reach your location, it’s important to store them properly. Mainly the cement. If your building construction work is continuously going on, you should purchase in large sums and stock them properly. 


In the small house construction up to 5000 square feet, you can built a kind of store room near the construction location and store your building materials. This hut would be temporary and wherever your building is ready to use, you can dismantle it. To build that, you’ll need 3000 bricks, judai cement (10 bags), one long round rod, and an iron Gate. In this hut, you can store materials like cement, rod cuttings, water storage drums, stirrups and electric motors, wires and meters.


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Final word

source building materials for house construction is little bit tedious task, so many house owners find the contractors. but if you want to save some money than thinking on this and collecting the information will require  at utmost. This blog helped you source the best building materials. 


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