House Construction Agreement Between Owner Contractor

House construction agreement

A House construction agreement between owner contractors is an important thing to discuss before taking further steps. As many house owners get into problems with the contractor and their house construction goes stops. In the middle of the chaos, either the house owner lost his money or overpaid the contractor. Or the contractor loses his Payment dues.

So deciding on a house construction agreement prior will help both sides win-win. Agreement for the construction of a house saves you most of the money as well as a perfect working process. So we’ve brought a real house construction agreement for the small city house.

While starting construction in a small city or village, Owner does not focus on these things.  they relax after giving their Project to the contractor. But that’s not enough.  Here in this Blog, you’ll see the Real Contractor agreement of the House owner and How they Agreed on the said matters of House construction. So you’ll apply the concept of hiring a house contractor and also know the real construction agreement and cost estimates. 

Meet 2-3 House Contractors and Know the Price and their work Experience 

Your First phase starts from here.  Ask the Relatives who have built their House by a known contractor. we have come across the 3 contractors. All were from the Murshidabad. The first contractor, On the first visit to the site location, and told 155 Rupees per square feet roof measurement. The second one Named Wasim told the same thing, and the third SHERU told 120 Rupees per square foot including the below other details. 

House Construction Agreement Between Owner and Contractor

The agreement has been signed between the Owner and Contractor of the Following matters. so you can do the same with your Contractor before starting the work. this will never create disputes between the work and the Payment process throughout your Building work.

House Construction Agreement Between Owner Contractor

Or follow The following Guide to fill The form- CLICK HERE!

Let the Contractor see the Location of your House

After deciding on the Contractor, you should call the Contractor and see your House construction Planning. discuss with them your future planning of the House. either you want to give Rent or for your Own Living Purpose. if rent, then to how many can accommodate with the Limiting area with proper facilities? 

and the Important thing is from where you’re starting your house construction. Either you’re Reenovate or starting from the foundation, put all the things in front of the Contractor.

In this House construction project, The Lintel is not ready yet. These costs of the Contractor are applicable from the Lintel level to Floor Level. so according to the planning, the following things we have figured out. 

Total Measurement of Floor  Other include 120- Rupees Square Feet 
2415 (length-68 ft ), (width-35.5 ft) Wall Beam+Floor

Total= 4000/- Square feet

Total Amount= 4,80,000/-


These are the round figure amounts. Price can be increased or decreased but this Projection will help you to make your house cost plan and the contractor charges. Knowing this before house construction, helps you estimate your cost from the beginning. 


PRICE LIST of house building contract agreement

This is an important matter to discuss as there is a lot of price mismatch that happened in the past work between the contractor and owner. After discussion with the CONTRACTOR, the Following things have been outlined.

  1. In this List Following things were Included Floor measurement-Including the wall beam (In this, the contractor will take the Price of 2 ft if the wall beam is 1 ft)
  2. Chajja, Almari, and Box Model Windows would be prepared by the Contractor.
  3. Total Centering will be done by the Contractor 
  4. Above the Floor, the 10-inch wall around the Periphery would be constructed by the contractor up to 3 Ft in Height. 
  5. Cabin stairs will be constructed by the contractor.
  6. The design of the Gate will be constructed by the contractor.
  7. Inner and Outer Plastering work will be done by Contractor Itself 

Weekly Payment Schedule Agreement 

Payment will be given to the contractor Every week Wednesday including the labor Payment, Equipment, Machinery, and center materials. 

In this House construction, All the materials are arranged by the owner Itself for the 2415 square feet House and the contractor tells the following price of materials. 

Materials  Quantity  Prices  Total 
Cement Bags 400 Bags 

(ACC F2R- For Casting)

Shree Cement- For Brickwork 

400 1,60.000
Aggregate  3 Highwa truck (33,000/-) Including Transportation  1,00,000/-
Sand  3 Highwa Truck 21,000 Including Transportation 63,000/-
Rods 12mm, 10mm & 8mm & Rings 

Tata (Tiscon+Rungta)


10 mm-750


Rings Extra

Quital wise-6200/- Per quintal

Total  7,23,000


Project Timeline on house contractor agreement

While discussing on House construction agreement between owner contractors it is important to make sure how much time the contractor could take to complete the house. It would take 3-4 Months up to the Slab casting by the contractor. A house is a Permanent thing to Live Longer.  So don’t be rushed with the house construction. Let the House settle significantly.

Tell the contractor to properly query after slab casting. And stop work for a few days in the rainy season, letting the soil settle permanently. So that the cracking of the walls could be stopped. 

The First Part of this House Project Is HERE- Step-by-Step House Construction


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