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Startup ideas for students in India are emerging rapidly past. Every student has a dream to open their Own Company, But they Back out because they think that starting a Company requires Big Investment and in their teens, they can’t do business. However, most entrepreneurs get success at a young age. Now it’s your turn to change the difficulty of society to opportunity and you’ll find the path of low investment with the most profitable business ideas. 

If You’re In a school, pass out from school or College, and have Low Investment to start any Business, you’ll need a great Business Idea for your Entry Point in the entrepreneurial Journey. All you’ll need is Acquire any Good skills that are in most demand in the market. And you can definitely start your own latest small business with low investment from Home.

Here, we’ve categorized the List of Most Profitable startup ideas for students in India, and the on-demand skills that can make you rich in your teens.  You can Start by Following these ideas- 

1. Online Skills-Based Business Ideas

Startup Ideas for students in India


If you are enthusiastic about sharing your Unique idea with the world, it’s best Business to start with Little Money. All you’ll need to purchase is a Good domain name and the best Hosting. launch the website and get ready to put the Information known to the world. Once it gets Noticed By thousands and millions of people, money will start pouring Into your Account. Also, you’ll make money from Advertising and Google Adsense.

Freelancing Writer and Graphics Designers

In the recent trend, while all the Country’s people are becoming jobless, many Online Business owners are Outsourcing work to Freelancers. You can continue your journey in this field. If you’re a Good Content Creator or Graphics Designer, Money will come to you easily. All you need is consistently Hone your Skills and tie up with High paying Clients, Bloggers, and Digital Marketers. 

Chatbot Services

It’s a Future Business idea and will never stop Because its Demand is increasing. All you’ll need is good technical Expertise that you can learn from the udemy-like website after your 10th Class. And talking about the Investment, It’s a low-cost with High Profitable Business idea. 

Affiliate marketing

It’s a $10.2 Billion Industry By 2025. And the Starting cost is so minimal that anyone can afford it, even school to college students. It’s an Innovative Business Idea and nothing but promoting Others’ Products through your Website. On each and every product sold, Huge commission you’ll get. There are a lot of Affiliate marketing Websites you can start with just As Shopify and Amazon. All you’ll need Build your own website and start promoting using different channels.


This hot new Business idea is very Profitable that requires low investment and No Inventory. All you’ll need to create your E-commerce Website and Tie it up with suppliers like Indiamart, AliExpress, and other Companies. Promotion through whatever is suitable. Once you get an Order from customers, Forward it to the suppliers and ask them to place the order. In this Model, you can sell the items as high as 3-4 times the price of Suppliers.

Digital Marketing

This is the best Startup Ideas for students in India to make money and serve the B2B (Business to Business model), Helping them to grow their Business.  With Little investment, you can open your Digital Marketing Agency. Helping Clients to Create Websites and Mobile Apps and Grow their Businesses using Online Advertising Through search engines and social media platforms. For that, you should be excellent In this Field and have sound Experience of some Years. Get the skills for a Year and then money will flow into your lap. 

2. Cost-Effective Investment and Most Profitable Business

Event Organiser and Party services, Marriage Hall or Party Plot

Event organizers are Much in Demand and people’s Celebrating Behaviour has Changed somehow. People are having problems negotiating prices with Hotels Booking, Marriage Hall Bookings, Organizing Birthday parties, DJs, and Caterers. But what if they all Find it easy with the Help of you as an Event Manager Organiser? Literally, It’s a Big Business Idea with the Most Profitable. Using This Smart Business Idea, You can Contact Local Vendors for Giving Service Booking Online by people. You can arrange a party plot for people who approach you. Initial costs are a Little Bit High But Once it is On the track, it’s the sky the Limit. 

Safety & Security Products in Retail Business

You probably have seen almost every electronic shop or Kiran’s Shop have CCTV cameras. Not only that, many working people Need Safety Equipment Like helmets, safety kits, safety shoes, CCTV items, biometric locks, etc. Because all they want is safety all the time when they’ve Out for work. So thinking about these lucrative Business Ideas makes you a Good Income. Choosing the location and Good Business name suggestion will make you a Brand in a few years. 

Mobile and Movable garage (For Bike and 4 wheeler Repairing)- Upcoming startup 

This is an upcoming booming startup Business idea for students in India to start as there are Lot of people going for Purposeful work with their Bike or 4-wheelers and suddenly break down happens in the middle of the road. Their Mind stops working. Sometimes they go to the garage by walking hustling bustling. you can now open the Profitable Business Opportunity to serve these people. Launch apps like Uber, and Ola. They’ll contact you through your app and your mechanics will be there within a few minutes. Imagine,  How they will thank you and How much money they’ll be ready to pay you.  So start this best startup idea Before someone will open it. 

3. Health Fitness and Food profitable Business ideas

Diet Food & Nutrition Startups

Because of the pandemic, and growing awareness about health, People are much more conscious about healthy Food and nutrients. Even most of them are taking steps to eat Food supplements to Boost their Immune system. But no Diet Food startup around them provides Antioxidant-rich foods, Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotics, Elderberry, Turmeric, and various bioactive compounds. It’s a simple Business Idea that You can start your own shop selling these Products and making Huge Profits. After all, pandemics will Come and go But immune health should be a priority for people all times of the year.

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Yoga Class

Now people are more conscious about their health. They consider it the Best to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelming and feel Energetic throughout the day. So Starting a yoga class is one of the cheapest and most profitable home-based business options. You could learn it in a year. Once you get a certified yoga trainer or an Expert in this field, start your own Yoga Class. Reach the Customer Through social media By making short videos and uploading them on youtube. Not only that,  there are people in metropolitan cities demanding Home Service for Yoga Instructors. You could provide service to them. Imagine How much money they’ll Pay you. 

Fitness Trainer

If you have the necessary skills regarding Fitness and Love doing it, Getting into the fitness Business is Very Profitable. First, acquire a certification course from a recognized Organisation or become a fitness freak. And you already know how people Nowadays want to get In shape. But there is a challenge for them to find a good specialized trainer in a particular city or town. So it’s the best startup business idea that you can even teach in an Online class and Build a passionate Business. Start your Fitness Business when already people are ready to learn from you. 

Sport Coach

If you want to take responsibility for the athletes or train players to participate in the game for winning, you can start this as a passion. But to become a sports coach you’ll normally need an experienced Certificate or Qualification as a fitness instructor from a recognized organization. Your Job is to teach players good moves, Food and Hygiene, Curating, and ensure Injuries are Quickly Healed. It’s a self-employment Idea that generates Income In huge.

4. Low Investment Agriculture Business Ideas

Career and counseling

Due to the unemployment and huge job crisis, students are not able to search for job options. Many students seek help for the career path that will give them the right job according to their skills. Even many students seek help for admission to the Right College. If you’ve hands-on experience in the career counseling path you can give the Right Guidance to students and even Candidates who are Fighting problems with their current job. This is a business without investment. All you’ll need is a connection from the consultancies and hands-on experience. You can charge a Decent Counselling Fee. 

Tuition Classes

There are a lot of students seeking Tuition Teachers. They are Ready to learn for Online classes and offline classes. So if you’re good teaching ability and are enthusiastic about delivering Knowledge, start this right Now. go to 3 to 4 students’ Houses and make good passive Income. To find students you must enroll In the Urbanpro or Home Tutor sites. You can even start in your Home by Collecting whiteboard benches and writing Stuff. Take this to an Online platform, and turn it into the best Startup Ideas for students in India.

Software Training

Now every Student is keen to learn software related to Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing, Advance SEO, Software Testing, Manual Testing & Automation Testing, Automation/ IDE / QTP, Angular JS / Front end developer, and UI/UX Designer. And these are important skills to start your startup industry in any field. if you’ve Good experience In any particular Software, you can launch your Course In Online or Offline. This is your Own Business Idea that will give you maximum profit without any Other Expenses.

Foreign Language Coaching Classes

Many students are Now wanting to Learn a Foreign language to choose a career in a foreign Country. Even In our Country, there are universities teaching  Popular foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish,  Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Italian (Italiano). So if you’ve command over any of the Languages, Business Doors are open for you to make more profit. It’s a great service Business Idea that will never end. You can even start a coaching Business online and tutor many students by promoting Your Course.

 Cooking Classes

If you’re a Cooking Freak and must be passionate about Cook Delicious Indian recipes, Dishes, and traditional Food items, Turn your Passion into making Money. It’s the best Work From the Home idea that you can start right Now. If you Discover a new Dish and people Like the test, you can Open your own e-learning platform and charge good Money to teach the Customers. Because of this Home-based Business idea with low startup cost, You can Freely work without inventory and Invest money in other Things. 

5. Art and Entertainment Business

Dance Coaching

If you’re good at dancing Contemporary and have some years of training, you can make a huge profit from this startup.  There are many styles of dance such as lyrical, modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, and Ballroom. If you’re good at any one of these, you can train others. You can even open an Online e-learning platform and reach all over the world and make decent Money Over the period from the comfort of your home. It’s the best small Business to start in India now that will help you earn with passion. 

Music Tutoring

If you’re passionate about signing, you can Tutor Others. This is one of the most successful Business Ideas in India for students. You can Charge good Money performing at parties, Occasions, or Teaching Others. There are different types of Musical Genres like Country Music, Electronic Music, Folk Music, soul music, Funk, and many more. If you have a Good Command of it or are Certified by Any Music Institute, you can use Online mediums to reach more Global people and Train them while making Money.

Hobby Classes 

Recently the Government Has Announced a new Education policy where they are going To incorporate Science, arts, skills, and Commerce into the student’s studies. So there is a huge demand from now on for the Hobby classes emerging in the Country. If you’ve skills related to dance, music, craft-based, Carpentry, Electricians, and many more, it’s a small investment Business From Home. All you’ll need to sharpen your skills and parents will come to enroll their Child and give you handsome Money.

Photography and Sell photo Online 

A few years back it all started with fashion and Now it’s One of the best Lucrative startup Ideas No one can ignore. If you love taking Photographs, start as you’re Going to Make Money Online By selling at a premium price. There are several kinds of Photography niches Like Portrait Photography, Product Photography, Fine Art Photography, Fashion Photography, Architectural Photography, Photojournalism, Sports Photography, Aerial Photography, and many more. Choose any of it and quickly start the Journey of passion with Money. 

Pet-Care Business

It is one of the Best profitable Business ideas Booming in India and will exist over the Years. As you can see, even in small cities people are so busy today that they need someone to care for their pets. Almost No one knows this could be turned Into a good Business Idea. to start this you’ll need pet care things, manpower, and Contact Details of customers who have pets.  You can build your own team and Develop new things in this field.  you can even open a food item shop for Pet. 

 6. Goods and Homemade Items Low-cost Business Ideas

Cakes & bakes and Handmade Biscuit

There are many people who want such items to test in the Morning Breakfast or in snacks. Today when people Go to the market, they Don’t forget to bring Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, and other bakery Items for their Kids. So this would be the most successful home-based business available today for you to start Immediately. You could start with some cooking skilled workers. An only requirement is a place where you can install Oven and Raw materials for such Items. This is also a Great Startup Ideas for students in India to start soon. 

Making Jams, pickles, sauces, and ketchup

People always want new and different Test As they adopt the Modern Life culture. You can Start these Small Business Ideas from home for High-quality test Buds making Jams, Different Types of pickles, Sauces, and Ketchups. If you are well versed in cooking Skills, this is a successful business idea you may consider. This is a small Profitable Home business for students that require low investment. 

Sell handcrafted and homemade goods

Do you Know How people like to purchase Handcrafted and Homemade goods for Decorating their Homes? How it looks like beautiful Wooden/Bamboo Chairs in the Verandah or in the Garden areas where sipping evening tea feels peaceful in the minds of people. So it’s a profitable Startup ideas for students in India where you can start from your home. All you need will hire some traditional handcrafted Makers who can make Things for you and make a Huge profit. 

Fancy Dress Renting Business

Many people cannot afford to Buy fancy dresses, for Drama costumes, Event dancing, For School functions,s and many purposes. And many people Looking for these shops But there are few in the cities. So start this Business for the Long term and make a Huge profit from it. Initially, it would not be easy to capture the attention of the audience, but once they Know your Shop they will become your regular customers.. So your online presence will be important for attracting more customers. 

7. Small Business Ideas for Students

Cosmetics Distribution Business

You Probably know that the Indian Cosmetic market is Growing rapidly past and it’s a $20 Billion Industry by 2025. You’ve experienced that Nowadays everyone chooses the best Cosmetic or beauty Product for their daily use. Some Big Brands like  L’Oreal, Nivea, Dove, and Garnier are popular in this Business but many people couldn’t afford their expensive products. But you can start and make your own brand. You can even sell your product online. So this is the best  Startup ideas for students in India to Build an empire where there are few competitors and a big market size. 

Babysitting/ Childcare

You have seen many working Couples are Busy with their office schedule. They have No time to care for their baby. They need the best Childcare for them to see their baby and be ready to put High Money in their Pocket. So Hire some ladies who are good at serving these babies, Loving them, and not tired of doing this. This is the  Best Future Business idea But you can start now so that others would not Dominate.

Skin and Beauty Treatment

If you have good experience in skin and Beauty Treatment, there is a huge success in this Business. Many girls or women get affected By acne and other skin problems, But they want to look Beautiful.  So they don’t care about the money and are ready to give whatever you charge. This proves that this is the best Startup Ideas for students in India to take action.

8. Supplies Most Profitable Business Ideas 

Stationery Supply

Many Schools, Colleges, Libraries, and Universities will want to contact someone to order the stationary supply for them. Now If you want this Opportunity to turn into a profitable business to start right Now, Contact These Educational Institutes and Give them the service. The only Investment is Manpower and Travelling expenses But with the Profits, you’ll Fly In the sky. 

Corporate Gifts Offers to Clients and employees 

In the Corporate sector, the company Gifts their employees Like bags, Diaries, and Laptops if they are getting Promotions. So it’s a new Business Idea few Only know about. You can deliver items as per their Demand in your City itself. Collaborate with them and supply things according to their Choice. The only need is transportation services and a Few staff to manage the Business. Even you as a student give this startup a huge success. 

Supply Advertising Materials Sign Boards 

For the local Business to appear in front of their audience, They all need the sign Board either painted or the Neon Board. You can collect the Shop name list, and approach them to make signposts for them so their Shop would be popular in the Local areas. This is a small business idea for the students to start.  If it grows in the future, make it Big through your profit money.

9. Some Other Low-Investment and High-Profit Business Ideas

Packaging Services

Packaging Business is one of the Great Business ideas because There are a lot of Delivery Services working day in and day out. And due to the emerging Online marketing Demand, it’s Growing faster than ever. To start This start up idea you’ll Need adequate packing material. e.g (cartons, strapping machines, cutters, and Few workers). As a student you can think about this startup idea and take action. 

Mobile phone/accessories Repairing and recharge

India will have nearly 589.9  million Mobile Phone Users by the end of 2025. Many people have many problems regarding their phone issues. Some people don’t Know what accessories and software they need and How to Recharge with Frequently changing plans.  To help them solve their problem they’re ready to give you High price. And the demand is always Increasing because more and more Mobile companies are entering the market. Start these low-cost Business Ideas with high profit. As the business grows, you can also sell Mobile Phones and Accessories.  

The business idea is to make Religious items and sell 

This is a traditional small Business to start with some materials Like Incense Sticks, Cotton, lamp wicks,  Flowers, Rosary, religious Literature, amulets, Holy water and Photos Of Deities. You can start with a Vehicle Or Bike and set-up in front of the Religious places such as the Mandir. Applying the Modern marketing strategy will make Startup Ideas for students in India more Profit in this field. 


You can start any Of the above businesses, before that you have good Skills and sound experience in the particular Field. For startup Ideas for students in India, Maybe you’ll need an authorization Certificate from the recognized Organisation. The Above List of the Most Profitable Small Businesses will guide you to choose the best. And the most important part is while you start your Company, make sure you’ve registered under the Government Rules and are part of the Government Taxpayer. Lastly, Nurture your Business and take care as you grow a Baby. Give the best possible value to the Customers, money will never stop coming. 

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