Home Boundary Wall Design- Under 50 Thousands

Home Boundary wall design is to safety and security of your house, So that Animals can’t enter the ground. Also to protect your land from being captured by others. Through this blog you’ll learn  How to construct Brick Boundary Wall, Boundary Gate Details, and all related details. 

Important Points 

Home Boundary wall design

These are necessary things to notice 


  • Boundary walls get cracks or Tilt from one side. So how to give strength to the Boundary wall so that it would last long? 


  • If any disaster happens, like blowing wind, and rain the soil should not settle and cracks occur in the walls. 


The main reason for cracking and tilting could be the foundation. If you correct the foundation, there should not be chances of settlement, tilting, or the cracks phenomena.


For the proper strength, we’ll discuss some important factors and how to construct a home Boundary Wall Design in this blog. So stay tuned till the last word.

How to construct Brick Boundary Wall 

Here step by step Process helps you construct your own home Boundary wall design with less expensive, fewer materials, and less manpower.


We’ll be starting from start to finish with the brick boundary wall and then discussing the precast boundary wall design. 


Before Constructing a home boundary wall design, the following things are important to pay attention to. 


Earthwork below ground level


Four feet depth and 7 feet high is the standard size of the Boundary wall. 

Footing thickness 1 ft and the size – 3 X 3 Ft  wire mesh

Depth- 1.5 m from the Ground or Keep Minimum depth of Footing from the Ground will be 3 Ft depth till the hard strata of soil. 

Reinforcement in Column – 4 Piece with 10 mm and Stirrups- 10mm @200 Center to center. 



Trench 3 X 3 Feet and Footing size same 

Then Soling and PCC work. There should be RCC Pillar 

Put a layer of sand and do metal underneath- Plinth beam or Ground beam.

Use a 10 mm road in the Pillar size of  9 X 9 Inches and the same size in the beam also.

For a 15 to 20 ft Height wall you should go with the 12 mm rods and the Pillar size should be 9 X 9 inches and another beam in a height of 4 Ft height. 


Boundary wall load dispersed concept

The load will be transferred from boundary Wall to beam then beam to column and column to footing. 


The cross-sectional size of that plinth beam and column

Column and beam dimensions- 250mm X 250mm.

Tell the centering labor to cut the 6 mm Stirrups @150 mm c/c

Keep Distance between two Column (Every Column)- 3 m or (10 to 12 feet )

Beam Reinforcement size – 4 Pieces with 10 mm

Another option– You can use a 12mm 4 nos wide stirrup of 6mm in 5-inch bricks. That is also a good option. 


Brickwork for home boundary wall design 

Concreting the Column and the Beam 

And do the brick wall using the Red bricks which is (7-8 Rs/- Per Piece ) or the Fly ash Bricks (3-4 Rs/- Per Piece)


The thickness of the Brickwork- is 10 Inches, you could go with the 5-inch which is a single brick wall. 

Height of the Boundary wall as Per the NBC (National Building Code)- 1.5m- 2.4m 


Plaster above the Boundary wall

Plastering of 12mm is good for protecting from all weather conditions. 


Cover the Boundary wall with some designs of Bricks. The upper portion of the boundary wall should be covered so the rainwater will not fall on the wall directly. 


Painting is done over the home boundary wall design to protect, finish, and give an attractive look to the boundary wall. 

Coil/ Wiring in the Boundary wall

Rcc coil for boundary wall

Coiling is important when you want extra protection for your Boundary wall. 

You can also put barbed wire (Kantili tar )on top of the wall.

Boundary Gate Details

Tell the details of the gate to the contractor/Labors that will be installed in the boundary wall. Before that, all the measurements of the gate are necessary. 


Construction joint in the boundary wall

The foundation itself will cost everything. The crack will come just by giving brick, so use columns to prove the strength of the boundary wall. 

Your question may be How much steel is needed?

The centering labour will tell you the number of rods needed for the boundary wall. It depends upon the length and the height you want for your Boundary. You’ll need 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm for rings.  

Generally following structure will need to construct a Boundary wall-  

  • Reinforced mesh
  • Footing column
  • Beam
  • Binding wire
  • Nails

Additional Things

if you want your Boundary wall to be stronger 

provide expansion joint- @ 50 feet. This will help in Thermal expansion provision for boundaries.

Boundary wall constructed directly on the plot boundary.

RCC Boundary wall slab 

House boundary wall

Recently, people are using Concrete walls/ Precast Concrete walls to protect their homes and land. 

Sometimes we call this wall a prefabricated boundary.

Grooves in the Pillars where RCC Slab fit into those grooves.

Height of the prefabricated slab boundary wall

Generally the prefabricated boundary wall slabs are of following size. 

  • Grooves- 2 inch 
  • Slab thickness- 1.5 Inch
  • RCC Boundary wall slab  Slab Height- 1ft 
  • RCC Boundary wall slab Slab Span-5 Ft 
  • The contractor keeps 2 ft under the ground level. 


Labour Cost Minimal

Because there is almost no labour cost because its Installation is very easy. 


It could be Ready in a week or Less Because everything is already finished before construction starts. Only thing is to assemble in the site and nothing else.


These slabs are once installed, it could again be detrimental and used in the other site. Nothing is destroyed. The only cost is transportation to the other site. Your House Boundary wall should be ready soon. And no extra cost.

Cost Effective

Installation cost is very less as compared to the Brick wall. In the brick wall, you will need material, cement, sand, bricks, and Roads that cost too much. 


The disadvantage of the Precast Boundary wall 


These boundary walls are Less strong as compared to the BRICK Wall. 

Soil Filling problem

If your land is in a low-lying area, installing these precast boundaries is not easy and if you want, then you have to spend some money on the soil filling up to the road level then only installation could be done. 

Gate installation Problem

You could not attach Gate directly with the precast columns. You should construct the gate with brickwork. 

How much does it cost to get the RCC boundary wall?

Let’s take an example to understand this- 

Boundary wall Length= 100 Ft

Boundary wall Height= Up to 6 Ft

Total Area in the Square Feet= 100 X 6 = 600 Square feet.

The Installation fee charges that is 80-90 Rupees Per square feet 

So, the Total cost would be = 48,000/- to 54,000/– (Your Boundary could be Ready including the labour charges and all)

you have one question: which one will be better: a prefabricated boundary or a brick wall with a pillar?

The following points will clear all your doubts and you will decide which to choose. 

No quering is required in this type of Wall boundary design. 

No plaster is required and looks good without any architectural work.

You’ll decide which kind of home boundary wall design will be good for you. Either the boundary wall in RCC or the brick boundary wall. And it depends on the money you want to have. How much cost difference will be there between a brick wall and the RCC wall and which will be better?

Boundary wall Projection

Projection of the Boundary wall design

Today even the Village Mistri are also experts in making Wall designs. They can design any type of structure in the boundary walls. You can choose your own designs and tell them to do so. 

Many people prefer outward brick projection that looks good when finished with plaster and putty in different colors.

When the Boundary wall projects outward, it looks pretty and people like it. Although, the cost may be a little bit more and the time duration to complete the project would be longer. 


Doubtful questions from your side

  1. Will there be strength if the brickwork is put in place of the plinth?

Yes, you could, but if you use the column and beams, the development of cracks can be reduced and without any tension, your boundary wall gives you safety for a long time. 

2. How much space should be left from the second plot to make the boundary? 1ft. or 1.5ft

 The 1.5 ft is good for whitewashing and plaster work. If someday the other part constructs the boundary wall and he leaves no space, then it will be taught to rejuvenate the construction work. 

If you need anything to know regarding civil engineering knowledge- comment please.

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