Low cost bamboo house design- in 7 Lakhs

low cost bamboo house design

Want to know about Low-cost bamboo house design? Very good ideas are Explained in this Blog where you’ll find eco-friendly, sustainable construction of bamboo house design.

You can know the Concepts and they are very well implemented for such a cost-effective house. Today, you’ll find the blueprints of the construction that will help you to make your personal residence. 

You have heard that the Bali Bamboo House is Famous- Many tourists go to that place to enjoy the Holidays. It will look like a Dream House for a person who cares about nature. These low-cost Bamboo houses should be implemented if you can’t afford expensive housing. 

Benefits of Bamboo House Design 

Low-cost bamboo house design


The Bamboo House looks beautiful. and it makes the House more gorgeous, so when people come to restaurants and hotels. they feel the attractiveness and relax for some days. They want to spend their holidays in this kind of cottage.

These are Eco-friendly, sustainable, or at least semi-sustainable Bamboo homes. 

Fencing Purpose  

For fencing purposes, people used bamboo fencing because of the low cost and long last.

Bamboo Hut 

Generally, we see that bamboo huts are temporarily made for any purpose. 

Bamboo for the Restaurant, shops & Hotels

bamboo hotels assam

In Assam, Meghalaya, or south India’s state, you have seen the low-cost Bamboo house design. Bamboo availability is and the price of Bamboo is less than other building materials.   

These are the most used materials for the small shop. In India, there are many shoppers who have low investment for starting their business or opening any shop. So they should prefer a Bamboo house to save some money.

As architecture is booming, most hotel owners Prefer the Bamboo Hotel design. People want to spend their Hours in these kinds of soothing places while sipping Coffee. 

Resources needed for the Bamboo House Construction

You’ll need the following Things to Start the Construction of a Bamboo House 

Get some design

Bamboo bunch  

Skilled architecture for the Bamboo House Design

If you are going to build a Low-cost bamboo house design, meet any well-known architecture in your town and get the design first. 

Low-cost bamboo house designs are only built by experts in bamboo architecture who can design beautiful sustainable architecture. 

Experts know more traditional as well as a more modern home designs. They will build modern thought with tradition as per your requirement. 

Skilled labor 

For the construction of a Low-cost bamboo house design, you’ll need skilled labor. 

They know at what lengths the bamboo wood should be cut. They know how to treat bamboo before using it in construction and give that glossy effect to the ceiling by using Lacquer. 

Material list for Bamboo House

Nowadays taking care of the environment is necessary.  And These houses can be made from sustainable products. This Bamboo House can be built, as it Looks elegant and structurally strong. Cheapest and best bamboo house in India with very cost-effective materials. 

You’ll need the following materials for the construction of a bamboo house- 

The first material on your list must be the Bamboo.

Arrangement of Bamboos  

It will be a little bit of a struggle for you to Search the bamboo in Bulk. but there are known people who know the quality of bamboo. Once they see the bamboo bunches, they will recognize the quality of the bamboo. You can contact them and tell them about your requirements. For example, you’ll need 1200 Bamboo Trees for your Bamboo house design.

Another way to collect Bamboo trees is, to go to village areas or near the Mountain areas, where you’ll see a bunch of bamboo trees, talk to the owner of that and Purchase the Whole bunch of bamboo.  

How much bamboo you’ll need

Depends upon how much area you are going to build the house. 

This kind of house which is made by sourcing local materials is inexpensive and follows additional materials required including bamboo trees. 

  • Soil, Fevicol, and bamboo
  • Bamboo panels are mass-produced so can Directly be installed in the dome structure. 
  • Paint- suggested by the contractor and design looks. 
  • Termite-proof paints- Bamboo is mostly termite-proof instead of wood in moist areas and in contact with mud is very prone to termites. 
  • Cement, red bricks, chicken coop wire.
  • PVC pipe
  • Recycled wood and glass for the windows 

Contractor to do the Work

Bamboo Thekedar (Contractor)  does exceptional work with sustainable living for your comfort. They are good with the Construction specialist in your area. They have good experience in making the room plan with every facility. Talk about how much you have to pay square foot-wise. 

 The bamboo house design should withstand cyclonic winds and fierce rains. 

Is Bamboo House Durable? 

If we talk about the life expectancy and maintenance of such a house, there is a very low cost of maintenance and the Life is almost 15-20 Years if good quality bamboo has been used. 

Step by step Construction of low-cost Bamboo House Design 

bamboo design house

In this segment, you can know how to start the Low-cost bamboo house design. Here we’ll discuss from the start to the end of the bamboo house design. The first question in your mind will be 

How many sqm per cottage?

You Don’t need much space, architecture can design the house according to the description you provide them. The space should be 40 × 40 square feet or more. Depends on your choice. Larger the space, the more attractive it could be built. 

Bamboo wall with Cement Plaster 

To give strength to the bamboo walls, if small plaster work is to be done there, this will protect them

from the wind and Give strength to the walls. A layer of Mud is placed over the Bamboo arrangement to good the circulation of Heat and make the house cool and cozy. 

  • You can just mix mud, straw, and some small gravel and stack them by hand to make a wall on bamboo, very sustainable and very much cost-effective.
  • Mud cement composite, think something like that, this is the age of compositeness to build strength and durability.
  • You should also use cow dung for plastering the walls within which will keep the home much cooler
  • Painting over the surface of the wall makes it more attractive. 
  • You could have used Vedic plaster. that was the better option

Flooring Plan 

It should feel cold if you walk without slippers. It is made of mud too or tiles. 

In flooring, you can use limestone aggregate flooring or cement. Limestone aggregate is less costly than cement. You can  also use the red laterite stone (found in the Konkan region) to make the floor stronger than brick and cement work

Filler materials

In the walls of the Low-cost bamboo house design, you should pack the filler materials in the spaces between the bamboo. For that, Fevicol is very good to add strength to materials like mud or chuna in Bamboo house construction.  

Also if it is mixed in wood Burada and used as a filler it gives amazing strength.

The thickness of the wall

Tell the Contractor to keep the proper Thickness of the walls and Consider the large windows from the perspective of good insulation.

Source of Electricity and Installation 

Tell the electrician to embed the electrical boxes & lines beforehand or Just dig out the mud walls to install them later. produce your own electricity from sustainable sources like SOLAR OR Biogas.

There should be a board of electricity around the house. On the outer side, in which the fuse is attached or electric boards are there, cover them with proper safety cover. due to the rain, it may be slightly swollen.

little tin shade over that can be good and protective against the water sliding over the walls in the rainy season.

Latrine and Bathroom 

The latrine and bathroom are important for a house. You should Have a good plan before starting the construction work. Either looks for the outside or Inside the stairs seems some space. Above the latrine or bathroom or maybe a support grid is a must for the stairs.

Plumbing Work 

Talk to a plumber and know how to make your house without any plumbing problems. Another small leakage can cause big damage, and a starting point itself needs to be prevented. 

Use PVC pipe for plumbing. You should find out something to make the pipes look beautiful such as glossy-looking paint. The plumber should use the Very valid point of plumbing.


Reclaimed wood posts outside on the verandah to look more better for the guest. also, Set the Bass relief to look stunning. 

Drainage System 

Install proper drainage in the construction to quickly flow wastewater. A septic tank is also necessary before building a bamboo house. also, store rainwater in underground tanks.

Install Water Harvesting System

Install the harvesting system in all homes to store rainwater so it’s useful for domestic & farming  & also saves water. You Can harvest rainwater for future use. 

Solar Panels 

You should install solar panels on the top of these constructions and 

Plant some native trees of HP like Pajja (wild cherry blossom tree). We rarely see them anymore.


Plant some Trees and refresh to see greenery all around. 

How to Avoiding Natural Phenomena  

Talk with designers before outlining everything to know how much it will be resistant to natural forces including earthquakes.

  • These houses are strong enough to bear thunderstorms and cyclonic winds too. 
  • Built for the safety of the rainy and winter season without affecting its natural beauty. 
  • fire resistant wood will be used so that it can’t catch fire easily. 


  • Regularly apply mud on the walls once a year to keep it lasting
  • Get some cats  and dogs  they always complete a HOME 
  • Regularly keep notice of bugs in the bamboo ceiling or remove them. 

Cost of Bamboo House Design

Your most important question would be 

How much money did this take (construction plus maintenance) or What was the overall cost?

Your plot price should be apart from the construction cost.

The contractor’s suggestion is for 1000/- sq. feet. it Will possible to make 8-10 lakhs. 


The positive point is this house is so cheaper and so beautiful compared to cement buildings,  and the negative point is this house is not fire resistant. 

Give your suggestions on this and If you want to know practical knowledge of anything regarding civil engineering, we’ll write on those topics. So comment NOW!   

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