Mud House Construction-50 % Cost cut down, even less then 5 Lakhs

Mud House construction

It is our birth right that we can use the natural resources of the earth for living. our ancestor lived in jungle. then they found a way to build the house with mud and bushes. And even in the 20th centaury, there are people in the rural area, lives in the Mud house. 

Almost 80 % of the people lives in rural area in Jharkhand and out of that 76 % have Mud House even in this time. 

Day by day people are seeking for comfortable and modern lifestyle. The mud house construction is aware of a sustainable lifestyle through organic, environmental protection. we all know that this is the need of the era and being part of sustainable development. 

What is Mud House

mud house construction

Mud is a very versatile material. Mud has been used for a different geographical reasons according to the mud availability. 

And, with the proper design, the mud house can be completely favorite without saying the words.

Mud House (Kachcha) is made of unbaked bricks, bamboo, mud, grass, reed, stone, thatch, straw, leaves, and raw bricks. The materials used in kutcha houses are natural, so they have less impact on the environment.

Usually, these houses are found in the rural areas of India but now people are making for their own comfort in the Town area also. Its Sustainable and Natural vibes give you relaxation. 

Benefits of the mud House 

Once you own the mud house, It will be so refreshing to see how life can be so beautiful and pure !! you will be able to bring back the memories of the 90th century. The younger generation will learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle by shunning concrete buildings and especially air-conditioned culture.


You can live in mud houses without even a fan. Cool in summer and warm in winter. So cool, it’s really refreshing

Thermal Insulation

The temperature is generally mild in houses made of clay. The reason behind this is that mud walls insulate and provide the required thermal comfort inside a mud house. The mud wall gives relief during winter.

Cost Effective

Clay can be easily obtained at a very affordable cost and is widely available. Clay is a very accessible resource and can be obtained in most areas. This significantly reduces the shipping and carriage cost. Thus, it is estimated that if you build a mud house, its cost can be reduced by up to 30%.

Development of Rural Architecture 

As we growing the Infrastructure, we’re forgetting the ancient Architecture from where our roots were developed. with the Idea of Mud house construction initiative, we can assure the Development of Rural architecture and Help the Employment of Rural people. 

How strong is the Mud House? 

People will tell you about the termite problem, dry line areas, no long-lasting, and many problems. But still, In Bihar Jharkhand, more than 60% have mud houses.

it is strong so that you will feel safe from any wrong people and any condition. These are Secure enough against theft, serpent, and insects also. 

Materials Need for the Mud House Construction 

As the mud and straw construction are getting popular in rural as well as in the big cities. Generally the mud house are made of local materials. So, The first thing you need to know is the materials need to collect for constructing the Mud House. you can get these from the nearby resources. 

The things that are used to make kutcha houses are- Unbaked bricks, bamboo, mud, grass, pebbles & stones. 

Along with those Timber, bamboo, clay, straw, cow dung, and a special variety of grass can be used to give strength. 
For the walls, prefer special type of mud you can obtain from souring earth and add vegetable waste and leave it to mature for someday. after few days, the plasticity of the mud will increase significantly because of the production of tannic acid after decaying waste. 
then mix this mud with cow dung, chopped straw, and gravel or stones to make the raw material for the walls. it will improve the tensile strength of mud bricks. 

Mud House Construction Design 

People are now showing off the things and less aligned with their own comfort. But, there are some people who prefer to live in mud houses because it has some benefits too. Building a mud brick house does not need any architecture but if you want your mud house to match the modern house design, you’ll have to meet a Rural Architecture. they’ll give you more informative ideas about the mud house. 

Size of the Rooms- The Size of the Mud House can vary according to your choice and plot area. 

you should prefer following length and width 

Length-  (12 to 15 feet) 
Width 10 to 12 feet 
Boundary- You can surround the courtyard by a fence made of bamboo or shrubs to look better. The open Courtyard will give you space for walking in the winter and enjoy the summer night.  

Meet those who are well known for designing and executing projects specializing in mud structures or Specializing in natural buildings. 


For the foundation of the Mud house Construction, you do need not a strong Pillar structure.  Use stones and mud that have Been dug out from the trenches in the foundation. 

Wall Construction

Mix the Cow dung with Red soil. The ratio should be 50% Each. Red soil is Mixed to add color and beautification. Ocher soil (Geru Mitti Added in this Mixture to give the Red Colour)

Mud Bricks 

Use the mud bricks and don’t fire them. Make bricks in the mold and let them dry. Don’t fire them. Volumetrically you’ll need 60 to 70 % should be used mud.

DRY Toilets 

 The dry toilets should be such that there should not be any flush systems.  In the ground, there should be a box where human waste collects. In the ground, there should be dry leaves, wood burada, soils, and shrubs so that those will absorb and compost it in a year. These materials absorb excess water or moisture and later use for farming. 


Don’t include the attached bathroom to save the maintenance work. Keep open bathrooms so that most of the water goes underground and the rest water is sent to the banana trees that consume most of the water.

Use the wash area and toilet area that is frequently used so for maintenance purposes use fired bricks and cement.


Keep windows north and south for proper ventilation. South windows are good for lighting purposes. Proper ventilation should be there so that you can’t use the A.C. of the collar.

The ventilation should be such as keeping the two windows one above another. The Concepts are cool air will enter and the hot air will get out. 

Plastering on The wall 

Plastering of the wall should be eco-friendly for this kind of House. Gobar and mud are used in house construction and lepai is done. you have also seen hay (Tori) in Punjab over the mud walls. 

plastering of mud wall

The roof of The Mud House 

Instead of iron square pipes, you have to use Bamboo or wood.  You can use Tiles or Khapra for covering the Roof.

Mud House Construction Cost

At present people are living a life of showing off, even if they die of artificial things, people believe in showing off.  but why not choose the comfortable one? even if you have a Good Salary, you should choose Mud house construction for Living. Now we want to conclude how much this house cost

The mud house cost will be half that of A concrete house. Let’s say you are going to spend 10 lakhs on a brick and concrete slab house. With a mud house, you’ll complete your house in 5 lakhs or even less with nice looking and with all facilities. 

Why it’ll cost half of The fired brick house

These things can save you lots of money

  • Dry toilets, there is no flush, septic tank, save most of the cost.
  • No plasterwork, no whitewash.
  • Flooring- no tiles used in Living area, kitchen,. Save the amount, the bathroom 
  • Insulation- You don’t need A.C. and all Electricity consuming items that cut down your Bijli cost. 
  • At one time it’s the cost is less and in the long run also. You’ll really make a good decision in making a mud house. 

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If you like the idea of Mud House, what to include, Please suggest.

and if you need anything related to civil engineering knowledge, your suggestion will be priorities.


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