How to Make Recycled Plastic Houses- Under 10 Lkahs

Recycled plastic house

I realised that it is the best time to construct a recycled plastic house. Initially it was difficult to think of plastic house construction. technology has changed over the years in the civil engineering field. These days even home tiles are manufactured from waste materials. park benches and picnic tables are manufactured from the plastic waste.

Plastic is a non degradable material that takes many years to be destroyed. If we talk about the plastic waste, 830 Crores tonnes of plastic are disposing in the water and land. 90 % of the plastic is produced from developing countries and 38 % from developed countries. Than why not recycled these plastic and used it to building a house that feels ecofriendly. Here, I’ll show you how you could make one pocket friendly house for yourself.

How Governemnet is taking initative to make Recycled plastic houses for the Homeless?

Governemnt is building recycled house in the impoverished communities throughout the city for the recycling and sustainability purpose. Karnataka’s first recycled plastic house of Devaamma from Mangalore is witness that she got the beautiful house within 15 days and cost even less than 5 lakhs. 

Recently, The government has taken the initiative to prepare houses for the poor people who live under the bridges. It is estimated that almost 1,500 kg of recycled plastic will be needed to build this Recycled plastic house. 

Building material for the Recycled plastic House

As you’ll now think that,  if it’s easy then how one can build a house with the recycled plastics. Even you’ll think that what are the building materials will required for the constructing this kind of building. You’ll not stop here, your searches will go around the climatic condition and affects on walls or is it suitable for you to live.

 Here, know how it could start from the beginning to ending

Foundation- it could be made from brick and concrete. Dig 3 ft around around the location of land. Mark it properly and prepare for the foundation. 

Steel Frame- steel or GI will be better to frame the structure for fixing recycled steel panels. Keep the sizes of panels and according to that, weld throughout the structures. 

Plastic panels- Plastic plans are required to buy or ordered from the manufacturer. Plastic frame structures are used to make the house. These panels are Easy to install and dismantle. Plastic panels each of 25 kg of recycled plastic structures can be joined with the other panels. These are now manufacturing in the many parts of country. 

Recycled Bricks – These recycled bricks are found in some places and are named like Paver blocks, interlocking tiles. Plastic things should be crushed, melted and form the bricks like structures.  These are easily available in the market.

Plastic Bottels– Even Plastic Bottles Are also used in the Building. They make the house look even more unique and beautiful. 

How Recycled plastic Bricks are made?

Know how it is ready in the manufacturing site with these steps-

1st row materials– Made from the CND construction and demolition waste (these include stone duste and Aggregate collected from the demolished house).

2nd row material- single used plastic, multilayer plastic, kurkure packets, milk pouch, packaging plastic, grocery stores plastic which adversely affects the environment. These plastics are first cleaned in the machine and then send to Shedding where tiny powder form of plastic are produced. 

3rd row material- Fly ash collected from the thermal power plants. 

combined above 3 materials, a fantastic building materials brick produce. 100 % Recycled bricks are now available in the market with different sizes of blocks and are furnished with beautiful colour. 

Some other kind of bricks are also widely using in the America and Europian countries. These are hollow outside-like structures filled with gravel and rocks but not sand insides and need coating materials like cement paste to fill the gaps between the blocks so the water doesn’t get in the blocks. Nowadays even fire-resistant recycled plastic bricks are manufactured to use as a building material and approved to be used on building applications.

Roofing Material of Plastic House 


For roofing recycled plastic corrugated sheets can be used in the roof

3-R (reduce reuse and recycle) eco friendly roofing sheet

It’s a natural resources and better than any kind of roofing. Following properties of these sheets attracting more buyers – 

  • Thermal Conductivity- It has very high thermal conductivity which reduces 8 to 10 degree temperature as compared to the other sheet.Save the electricity bill by 300 to 400 per month which AC and fan consume.
  • False Ceiling– No need for a false ceiling after installing these sheets. 
  • Roasting & Corrosion- no roasting and corrosion problem and deflect the ultraviolet rays. 
  • Reduce Noise– In Rainy season, cement asbestos sheets make irritatingly noisy sounds. These 3 R sheets have sound absorption properties which reduce the noisy sound. 
  • Lighting Rooms– In cement asbestos  houses generally need 5-6 lights. With these sheets, 2 to 3 bulbs is enough for full lighting the rooms. The bottom side is coated with Aluminium foil which has good reflection properties. 
  • Eco- Green Materail- These are waterproof, no bed smell and 100% Eco green materials and not even harmful.
  • Lifespan- Maintenance cost is zero and  6 to 7 times more lifespan than simple GI sheets.  no need to change again and again. 
  • Easy Installation- No breaking and cracking problems, easy  flexible fitting used while installing. 

Today these are available in the market with new looks and good aesthetics. 

maintenance cost is zero and it can be again exchanged by 30% by weight value after 10 years of use. you will get 30 to 40 % of the return amount. 

Price-  almost 1850 / including GST and per sheet 8 X 3 sizes with 5 mm thickness. The manufacturing unit is situated in Gujarat and other parts of the country. 

How to Designing The Recycled Plastic House?

It is not possible to build the house only with the plastic waste. The foundation of the house should be strong. So you’ll need cement concrete and Brickwork to give the extra strength. 

The frame would be made with steel structures for resistance against the climate changes. For the toiling, one can do it with the regular tiles of ceramic, granite or marble. And The roof and the walls are made of plastic comprising low-density plastic (LDP) and multi-layered plastic (MLP). In some portion, one can use the aluminium partition panels. 

Certainly these houses can be constructed in the outside covering to make the plastic bricks less exposed to UV, use the bricks accordingly where the building is used for a less heat activity, etc.

In the window frames and shutters, plastic panels are good to make the room airry. 

Cost of Construction of Recycled Plastic Houses

Cost of Construction of Recycled Plastic Houses depends upon following factors- 

Quality of Panels or Bricks-It depends upon the quality of the panels or how the bricks are made in the site. if it takes more process to recycled, definitely they’re of good quality bricks and no hazardious for the Helath as well as Environment. 

Transportation charges- How far it is where you’re ordering the Building materials.

Skilled Labour- Hiring Professional labour will good to construct these house. Every Steps of fitting needs the skilled person. So, they’ll charge more amount rather than the regular labour. 


Advantages of Plastic House Construction 

Here are the List of advantage of house constructed with waste plastic. 

  • The Waste thing turn into better thing 
  • The innovative and environmentally sustainable house can be built with these waste materails.
  • Collecting the Plastics the government can support in terms of money to the homeless and make house for themselves. 
  • less to build a these plastic house. 
  • weight-bearing properties are excellent. 
  • Plastic recycled house has a life cycle of at least 30 years. 

Climatic Effects on plastic recycled house

These bricks used in the house with plastic hollow frame are stronger and not fragile. These Houses are suitable for cold climates or semi-arid regions. Due to the sun degradation, Plastic bricks heated easily and the human body became warm. The plastic bricks are good for the indoor walls. However, in hot climates such as northern Queensland in Australia, or in desert regions, these houses can run into some issues. Using the plastic brick for external wall are not practical in hotter climates. Overall these house are best for the Cold and semi arid region. 


What material is used for the construction of the Recycled House?

Answer- They need to shred the plastic and use pressure to make blocks instead of melting, the fumes are harmful to both the environment and workers.

How to Check the Strength and Quality check for Recycled Plastic Blocks?

Answer- Water absorption test, Compressive strentgh are the popular test to analyse the Recycled Plastic Brick.

What is the Cost of Construction of Recycled Plastic Houses?

Answer- The construction of the house cost will be around Rs 5-10 lakh for the 2 BHK  House including all the Plumbing, Electric, Florring. 

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