10 Field test on Construction Site | Sieve Analysis, Compressive Strength OPC33 grade

As a civil engineer it is very important to know some important Field test on Construction Site before the exact field work.

There are lot of field test on Construction site to perform in the site but here, we will discuss some important quality test that should be very important to perform in the site and keep the records of those test to show your project manager.

1. Cement test

Cement Test in Site

If you are a site engineer, either get the test certificate from the manufacturer of cement or you have to do the following test to keep the records.

To know the Physical properties of good quality of cement, following 2 test are performed with the Vicat Apparatus. 

Initial setting time -30 minutes and

final setting time- 600 minutes

A. Normal consistency test

This test is performed to know the water cement ration. This taste shows how much water will be add with the cement so that the paste will be workable.

it also helps to know if admixture will use or to reduce the water to increase the strength of structure.

B. Compressive Strength of Cement

This test Shows the strength of different cube with different grades such a OPC33 OPC43, OPC53 with 3 day, 7 days, 28 days strength test.

C. Fineness test of cement

It is used in the cement test to know if course particle is mixed or adulteration is there on the cement.

if the cement is more fine it gives more strength and more work abilit.

In site, it is checked for 300 m square per kg if it is gives percentage Residue on 90 micron sieve passed (from 2.0 to 2 2.5 ) and result should up to 10%,  then this cement is good to use in the site

D. Soundness Test

This test used if the free lime content or Mgo (magnesium dioxide) quantities are in more in the cement. The increased quantities develop cracks in the concrete structure and reduce the strength.

it is checked if the free line is mixed in more quantity the results are find with the help of Lee Chatelier test.

if the Mgo content is there then Autoclave test is performed.


2. Compressive Testing Machine

Field test on Construction Site

This field test on construction site is very important for a civil Engineers. It is used for strength test of cube or blocks the number of blocks that are choose for this taste is 6 blocks.

3 blocks are attested for 7 days strength

and 3 blocks are tested for 28 days strength and the average of 3 blocks gives the final compressive strength


3. Sieve Analysis Test

Quality Control test

Generally sand, and Aggregate are tested for size in the sieve analysis rest. It is prefer to  uses 10 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm aggregate in the field work.

So to analyse the size of the 20 mm of aggregate, it is allowed to pass through the 20 mm sieve and find if a more than 80% aggregator passing or not.

also this test is used for sand if well graded Sands are there in the site or not.  also bulking of sand is checked for the quality analysis of sand.

4. Slump  Cone Test

Slump test

It is one of the important test to check the  workbility of fresh concrete mix.

It shows How much water to be added so that it is easy to work with the concrete to mixing, placing, compacting easily.

Know the Full Details from This Video- CLICK HERE!

5. Brick Absorption Test

Important site test

When brick reach to the construction site, the site engineers take 5 bricks samples.

dry them in ovens for 2 hours and weight and find the W1.

now the bricks are sink in water left for 24 hours and then again wait W2.


( w2 -w1/w1) *100

the absorb water should not be greater than 15% weight of brick

if it’s more than above number engineers reject the brick sample and ordered different bricks.

These above Field test on Construction site are important for a quality control Engineer to check the quality of materials reaching on site.

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